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Johnson RV Transportation

Our professional transportation department is trained to make this entire process quick and easy. Neither one of us wants a surprise, so here’s what to expect and how you can help make this effortless! When our transportation professional arrives at your RV, they will conduct a thorough inspection which includes:

  1. The driver begins with an exterior inspection of the RV, complete with opening all storage compartments and slides, inspecting the tires, roof, paint and sealant.
  2. Once completed, the driver moves inside the motorhome, inspecting the condition of the cabinets, seats, flooring, ceiling, and walls. As part of this, the driver will operate all of the appliances and equipment on the RV.
  3. Lastly, we’ll verify the odometer, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#), title, and odometer mileage. The driver will guide you through signing the documents, and notify the transportation manager. Within a few minutes, the funds will either be in your account or applied to the loan. That’s it! The coach drives away, and will soon have an excited new owner.

Here are some tips to help make the pickup as smooth as possible:

  1. Send as many current pictures as you can to the buyers - any surprises will slow down the inspection.
  2. Completely disclose any issues or damage.
  3. Plan on the inspection and funding process to take up to two hours. It generally doesn’t, but we don’t want you to feel rushed.

Before our driver arrives:

  1. Make sure that the unit is in a place that our driver can access all sides of the vehicle, operate all slides and jacks, and has an unobstructed view of all sides of the motorhome.
  2. The motorhome will need at least ¼ tank of fuel so that we can operate the generator.
  3. If you have the title, bring it.