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Johnson RV Has It - The search for your dream RV stops here!😊

Johnson RV's Mission and Values in Oregon and Washington

We specialize in the selection and service of primarily pre-owned Recreational Vehicles to help our customers achieve their lifestyle, travel goals and dreams.

We strive to operate according to the following values with our customers, employees, owners and community:

INTEGRITY: Building trust and stronger relationships with all

  1. Be honest, fair and respectful in all interactions
  2. Make only those promises we can keep
  3. Seek solutions that work for all parties
  4. Follow both the spirit and intent of legal and regulatory guidelines

TEAMWORK: Working together to achieve everybody’s goals

  1. Listen and communicate clearly
  2. Help and support your coworkers
  3. Provide recognition for a job well done
  4. Create a fun and positive environment
  5. See problems as opportunities to improve performance

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Achieving financial stability and growth for all

  1. Meet agreed upon expectations, budgets, plans, and goals
  2. Provide profitable and cost effective solutions
  3. Develop and invest in both people and assets
  4. Make wise use of time, energy and money
  5. Seek all-win financial solutions

EXCELLENCE: Striving to meet and exceed expectations

  1. Always strive to deliver the best possible result
  2. Proactively and productively address and solve problems
  3. Be adaptable and open to new ideas and approaches
  4. Improve yourself constantly
  5. Seek and provide constructive feedback