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Seller Testimonials From Washington, Oregon, and Arizona

2/26/2020 - Customer Feedback
I had no idea about how to go about selling my RV but I dreaded the experience. I contacted Johnson RV and one other major dealer. I heard back from Dan Grimes at Johnson in no time. He asked me a lot of questions, explained the process (at first it seemed too simple) and promised to get back to me within a couple of days. True to his word, Dan contacted me with a very good offer which I accepted. From there he turned the file over to Mike in the transportation department who made the arrangements to have my RV picked up. Parker flew in to Albuquerque and met me a the location we agreed upon. He inspected the vehicle thoroughly, we completed some paperwork and Johnson RV wired the agreed upon full payment to my bank. Parker then drove off with the RV. Nothing could have been simpler! Dan, Mike and Parker were so efficient and courteous. They created a great experience. By the way, if you are wondering about the other dearer I contacted, the deal with Johnson was fully completed and the RV was headed down the road by the time they got back to me expressing an interest and an estimate that was $5,000 less than Johnson's.

Yelp Review

2/12/2020 - Customer Feedback
Kudos to Dan Grimes, Mike and John. Working with these guys made our selling experience great and easy. It was a long distance transaction but it all runs smoothly. Dan was easy to reach with, answered all our questions and very professional. Shout out also to Jeremy, who called us and informed that they've found our laptop inside the RV then eventually they shipped it back to us. Johnson RV is highly recommended!!

Yelp Review

1/23/2020 - Customer Feedback
Worked with Dan Grimes to sell my RV. He was very professional and communicated well. They drive a hard bargain but they stood up to what we finally negotiated via phone, email and pictures. Their pickup person (Rochelle) was great. She reported back on the various wear and tear items that come to light during a detailed inspection and they accepted them as such, not changing the deal we had on the table. I'll be in the market for another RV in about a year and I'd definitely visit these guys as a possible supplier.

Yelp Review

12/19/2019 - Customer Feedback
I have worked with the Johnson RV staff on many occasions that includes purchases, sales, and the service dept. I can't say enough of Johnson's customer service "can do" help & professionalism. Thank you Bob H. for all your assistance and appreciate your flexibility. I really like the 2020 PW Tofino. Excellent RV. 

-Carol & Roxy the Pug Google Review

11/25/2019 - Customer Feedback

Wes and Lori are very professional and friendly, they took us through the process of selling our Pleasure-way RV step by step with ease. We can't rave enough about our experience. Stan flew to Florida to inspect and drive it back. What a pleasant person. By the time he left and the procedure was completed, he was more like family. We will recommend Johnson RV to friends and all RV owners looking to buy or sell.

-Ed Kish Google Review

9/29/2019 - Customer Feedback
Dan Grimes at Johnson RV was a total rockstar for us. He was kind and patient with us and completed the whole process without a hitch. We could not have been more pleased. The whole crew: Dan, Lori and Chris are a real class act, from start to finish.

-Kathy Yelp Review

7/13/2019 - Customer Feedback
Bob, Thank you too for a great experience. You and your team were speedy, very helpful, and efficient. Everything went smoothly. Excellent service both when I bought the RV from you and sold it back to you several years later when I could no longer use it. In every way the Pleasure-Way gave me exceeding joy.

-Sue J.

7/8/2019 - Five Star Review
What a spectacular selling experience. We worked with Mary who made the process easy and effortless from start to finish. She took care of everything. We sold our 37' 2007 Simba Safari. It sold in 5 days. It was in mint condition, a "museum piece" they called it. But the process was very smooth and Mary was great. She was attentive and efficient and just a phone call away when we had questions. I would definitely use Johnson RV again.

-Kris Knight Google Review

6/1/2019 - Five Star Review
EASY to work with. No joke. I worked with one person from start to finish. They kept every word. Thank you Dan, John and Bob! Cannot wait to work with you all again, very soon!

-Loren Wright Google Review

6/1/2019 - Five Star Review
My experience at Johnson RV was flawless. They sold my 13 year old RV in one day and Mary Dyami was excellent. Only positives without a single negative.

-John Leikensohn Google Review

6/17/2019 - Facebook Recommendation
I highly recommend working with Johnson RV. From the initial contact to the purchase and pick up of our RV, the transaction could not have gone more smoothly. Ours was a long distance transaction as our RV was in Florida and I initially had reservations about selling to a dealer across the country. But I cannot state strongly enough how professionally the transaction was handled. Bob Humphrey in the purchasing department is an exceptional professional. He thoroughly explained the process and promptly answered any questions that I had. The transportation team (Mike and Greg) coordinated the pick-up of the RV in Florida and the transaction was like clock-work. Every thing went exactly as discussed. Johnson RV has my highest endorsement.

-Mary Hilton Facebook

6/8/2019 - Four Star Review
Dan Grimes was great to work with in selling our motorcoach to Johnson RV. The only hiccup was a delay in getting confirmation of the wire transfer, but all in all a great experience. We would be happy to do business with them again.

- V.R. Yelp

5/28/2019 - Five Star Review
After my wife's recent breast cancer diagnosis, we were looking at ways to reduce our revolving debt. Unfortunately our RV was first on the list because of lack of use. We asked the local mega RV dealer we bought it (and 2 others) from if they wanted to buy it back, only to get a very insulting offer. Just a few days later, a mailer arrived asking if we wanted to sell our rig to Johnson RV. Living in Dallas, I didn't think there was any way possible that they would be able to make a competitive offer but I gave it a shot anyway. I quickly filled out the online questionnaire and within a couple of hours, I was talking with Dan Grimes. He was very prompt and responsive in our correspondence and came back with an offer that I felt was very fair for both of us. Within a day or so, Mike reached out to me for coordinating the transportation. Yes, they actually transported my RV from Dallas to Portland. Mike chose a day that worked with my schedule and put me in contact with the driver, Parker. Parker was very friendly and professional, and made giving up our future retirement vehicle an easier task. I have to admit that I'm a bit envious of Parker for taking a trip to Portland in our rig, through some pretty awesome scenery. Who knows what the future holds for us. Maybe someday we'll fly to Portland to pick up a new rig from Johnson RV and drive it back to Texas the long way... Thanks Y'all.

-Kevin Woods Google Review

5/22/2019 - Four Star Review
We just sold our 19' Scamp 5th wheel to Johnson. We got what I considered to be a fair price and the whole thing was about as painless and quick as anything can be. Originally spoke with Lori Klecan at their Oregon office to get a price quote and then delivered the trailer to the Fife, WA location for them to inspect, accept, and write us a check on the spot. Everyone in Fife was friendly and great to work with. Overall good experience.

-Rob S. Yelp

5/8/2019 - Facebook Recommendation
We bought our first RV from Johnson, a Pleasureway Plateau. The buying experience was great. So when we decided to sell our RV we went back to Johnson. I entered the data on their website on a Sunday and it was less than a half hour later when Bob Humphrey called me. Sent him a picture of the RV and had an offer in just a few hours. Today they picked up the RV. The process was made so easy. The driver was very nice and professional. We will miss our RV but if we ever decide to buy one again I have no doubt we’ll go back to Johnson RV.

-Mary Willner Facebook

5/8/2019 - Customer Feedback
Mary, first let me say that I greatly appreciate how kind, considerate, and professional you and everyone else with whom I dealt have been. I have owned every type of RV made over the last 50 years, however my wife's Alzheimer's has brought many changes so I don't know what the future will bring. I can tell you this, if I buy another RV, regardless of the distance, it will be from your company. Thank you all so very much.


5/1/2019 - Facebook Comment
I had a great experience with Dan Grimes @Johnson RV. They were professional, offered excellent price and expeditious in the transaction. I would highly recommend Dan @ Johnson RV for any RV needs you have. Thank you and your team.

-Doug Millard Facebook

4/29/2019 - Five Star Review
Shockingly good experience with Johnson RV regarding the sale of our Airstream Interstate! We are in the South Puget Sound region and wanted to explore selling our 2014 Extended model Interstate. I researched wholesale values and then Contacted Johnson's new location in Fife and they put me in touch with Dan from their Oregon store. We communicated with Dan via text messages, sent many photos, came to an acceptable price range for our rig. Then, within 48 hours, they came to the house inspected the rig, produced the transaction documents, drove away and the money was wired into my account within an hour. Absolutely unlike any other vehicle sell I've ever encountered. Bought lots of personal vehicles over the years, been an eBay member for 19 years, sold countless vehicles online, but nothing compared to this transaction. I would highly recommend Dan and his group if you are looking to sale.
-Neil T. Yelp Review

4/17/2019 - Customer Feedback
I seldom write reviews but we have had such an excellent experience, I wanted to express our gratitude to Bob Humphrey, and drivers (Terry O'Neal and Chris Pepper) for making the purchase of our Class B RV such an easy and pleasant experience. We contacted Johnson RV when we knew we were ready to sell our wonderful RV. From beginning to end, we could not have had an easier experience. Everything went as promised. The offer we received from Johnson RV was fair and much better than the offer from the dealership where we had purchased our RV. The drivers arrived as promised and were so pleasant to work with. We went inside while they did their work outside and after they sent their data to Bob, we had a chance to chat. Within an hour we received an email from Bob that the wire transfers were complete and soon the drivers were on their way. We had a smooth, easy, process with no surprises. We are grateful to Johnson RV and hope we will have the opportunity to work with them again.

-Mary Alice J.

4/10/2019 - Five Star Review
Wow! I AM SO IMPRESSED!! We are getting older and needed to sell our gently-used, well-loved travel trailer. We tried Craig's List and RV Trader (for months) and only got 2 calls. Having passed by Johnson RV in Sandy, Oregon many times through the years, I looked at their website and made an inquiry. The very professional and pleasant, Lori, returned my call that same day. We exchanged information and I sent photos. She made an offer. It was very reasonable. I was hopeful, but skeptical, too, because it just seemed WWAAAAAAYYY TOO EASY. So, with offer in hand, I went out to Johnson RV the next day just to make sure Lori really worked there and that I wasn't falling for an internet scam. Lori had that day off, but the reception team was great and a very nice person, Mary, from Buying, sat down to discuss and assure me that this well-oiled process is really true. Two days later, another pleasant person, Bill, from the Transport Department met us at our trailer storage yard, did an inspection, sent photos back to Johnson RV, and in 5 minutes let me know that, "Yes! Johnson RV wants your trailer!" We filled out the paperwork and he presented us a check for the full offer Lori had quoted. We walked away astonished and very pleased. I'm so sorry we didn't just START with Johnson RV! They are AMAZING! Do yourself a favor - just call Johnson RV!

-Chris B. Yelp Review

4/17/2019 - Customer Feedback
I seldom write reviews but we have had such an excellent experience, I wanted to express our gratitude to Bob Humphrey, and drivers (Terry O'Neal and Chris Pepper) for making the purchase of our Class B RV such an easy and pleasant experience. We contacted Johnson RV when we knew we were ready to sell our wonderful RV. From beginning to end, we could not have had an easier experience. Everything went as promised. The offer we received from Johnson RV was fair and much better than the offer from the dealership where we had purchased our RV. The drivers arrived as promised and were so pleasant to work with. We went inside while they did their work outside and after they sent their data to Bob, we had a chance to chat. Within an hour we received an email from Bob that the wire transfers were complete and soon the drivers were on their way. We had a smooth, easy, process with no surprises. We are grateful to Johnson RV and hope we will have the opportunity to work with them again.

-Mary Alice J.

4/5/2019 - Five Star Review
Posted my RV for sale on Craigslist in SLO County.  First Day the Ad was out there, Dan Grimes Contacted me from their Sandy, Oregon location.  Dan Offered me a purchase price that was near my expected sale price.

We went back and forth a few times on the purchase price, but we eventually agreed on a price which was very close to my asking price.

Next, Johnson RV's travel co-coordinator contacted me with their pick up information.  The driver appeared at my local airport, and was very accommodating  all the way through the inspection.

The purchase price, as agreed was wire transferred into my account the same day within a few hours of the inspection.

Wow!  Was I impressed!  I had a substantial amount of anxiety during the entire sale, but the sale went as smoothly as it could be.  The driver, Dave Meiter, was very professional, and assured me that the money would show up that day.

Very Pleasant experience.
-Stewart E. Yelp Review

4/5/2019 - Five Star Review
Worked with Dan Grimes, who ultimately bought my father's coach. Dan was pleasant & professional and he made sure everything happened just like he said. The driver was friendly and professional as well. No muss, no fuss! I would absolutley recommend working with Johnson RV and Dan Grimes.

-Roxanne Avise Google Review

3/2/2019 - Five Star Review
Our recent experience in selling our RV to Johnson RV was excellent.  Dan Grimes, buying agent, was our initial point of contact and he went above and beyond our expectations through every step of the process.  He was readily available to answer questions and provide reassurance in conducting a long distance transaction from beginning to end.  Mike Gossett, transportation coordinator, and Bill Vincent and his son, the driver and on-site inspector, were also very professional and personable. It was a 5 Star performance by every member of the team.

-Kevin B Yelp Review

2/19/2019 - Five Star Review
Re: Dan Grimes, Mike Gossett, Greg Frazier & Johnson RV staff in Sandy Oregon Because the cookie jar isn’t full enough to support the overseas travel we want to take AND make payments on our RV, we reluctantly decided to sell. I investigated a bunch of “how to” Youtube & Web articles and decided to post an ad in RVTrader. Took over 30 pics and wrote a nice introduction, contracted for the ad and uploaded pics and words on 7 February. Two days later I got a call from Dan Grimes of Johnson RV, who was snowed in at home, to discuss my RV. Two days after that, I agreed to Dan’s reasonable cash offer for my RV. A few days later, Mike Gossett set up an itinerary for Greg to travel here to inspect & pick the RV up. An hour ago, 12 days after placing the ad and a mere 4 hours after Greg got here, I watched him disappear down our driveway. The wire transfers to my bank had been confirmed, and the spot in my shop that had housed our RV was again available for my tablesaw. The entire process was smoothly (and quickly) run by Dan, Mike, Greg and the staff in Sandy. I realize I could’ve gotten more money selling it directly, but after reading the testimonials and talking with Dan, decided that this was the very best way to sell our RV. I’d do it again; I’d unequivocally recommend it to friends and relatives ;-) Every Day’s a Holiday & Every Meal’s a Banquet!

-Charles & Ginger McLean Google Review

2/3/2019 - Five Star Review
Dan Grimes was awesome to work with on buying my rv! Fast, respectable, answered every question right away! Great guy and company to work with!

-Maxx Bacon Google Review

2/2/2019 - Five Star Review
They purchased our RV and it was hassle free. In and out in 45 minutes.

-S. Blank Google Review

1/2/2019 - Five Star Review
I felt with Wes and it was a real pleasure. Extremely helpful and very friendly would definitely recommend them

-Fran Bunge Google Review

11/30/2018 - Five Star Review
I placed an ad in Craig's List to sell my motorhome and received a call from Wes Harper with Johnson RV. I had already been inundated with calls from dealers wanting to sell for a commission or low ball me on outright purchase. I was skeptical but he and I talked and he gave me a fair offer which I accepted. 

They flew in a driver who confirmed the condition of the motorhome, they wired me the money, I confirmed receipt and signed a few papers and off he went. It was just that easy but I must admit I checked them out thoroughly and everything was legit. 

So if you are lucky enough to have them call you I can attest they are the real deal, very professional and paid me what we initially agreed to.

-Dave K Yelp Review

11/8/2018 - Facebook Recommendation 
We sold our 2011 Roadtrek 190 Popular this week to Johnson RV in Oregon. The process was smooth with our buyer Josh Kinnear. The dealer had me send pictures of the coach, we made a deal mostly online for the agreed price with an understanding of what I needed for the coach (our 2nd Roadtrek) and what they needed as well to be a feasible transaction. We made arrangements for an inspector to come to my office in Maryland, fully inspect the vehicle, wire the money to my bank that afternoon and off it went on Monday of this week. It should be arriving in Oregon with the driver in a day or so. We loved the use of our Roadtrek for years and hope it provides years of fun for another buyer. Our experience was top notch and highly recommend the professionals at Johnson RV for either selling or buying, even cross country!

-Joe Baumann Facebook Recommendation

10/31/2018 - Five Star Review
We had a great experience in getting our 2014 Tiffin Allegro QBA 35 coach sold in the timeframe as established; although we did have to extend it by 90 more days. We ended up taking a little less than what we wanted to, but at the end of the day when you factor in payments; insurance, storage, and the travel from MN back to Oregon to pick up the RV, return to MN and try to sell it here - it was a blessing to see it go to a family who will enjoy as much as we did. Mary was very personable and kept us informed during this process. The conclusion of the financial transaction went very well. We would highly recommend Mary Davis and Johnson RV if you are trying to sell your RV through consignment. We tried RV Trader on our own, but only received one inquiry, which when we returned the call, the party never responded back to us; fairly certain it was not a legitimate lead, as the RV trader site stated that you would receive at least one inquiry in the 90 days or your money back.

-Tamara Richardson Google Review

9/13/2018 - Five Star Review

Dan and all the folks that I dealt with were great. From beginning to end everything they promised that they would do during the transaction was followed thru. They went out of their way to even get the funds transferred the same day. The girl that they sent to pick up the coach was very professional and patient. Hope to do business in the future. Thanks Smokey Beaver ''Smokeys Auto Sales" Albuquerque New Mexico

-Smokey B. Yelp Review

8/26/2018 - Five Star Review
We recently sold our RV to Johnson RV thru Dan Grimes. Dan was very professional and responsive to all of our questions. We were initially very nervous about selling our RV to Johnson as they were in Oregon and we live in California. But Dan took his time and explained the whole process to us and answered all of our questions. The transaction went very smoothly and we are very satisfied with the sale.

- Joel C. Yelp Review

8/25/2018 - Five Star Review
We loved the RV we owned for years. When our lives and travel needs changed we decided to pass that wonderful vehicle on to some new travelers. But how to find them? Dan Grimes knows how to do it and he handled the whole business with professionalism and flair. Can't say enough good things about him and it's been a genuine pleasure making his acquaintance. Whether you're buying or selling, Dan's your man and Johnson RV is the place that gets it done.

- Lars L. Yelp Review

7/15/2018 - Five Star Review

We had purchased a 2011 Pleasureway in June.  It was a beautiful motorhome (MH).  We placed an ad on Craigslist to test the waters to possibly sell the motorhome.  We got a call from Lori Klecan from Johnson RV and she made us a reasonable offer to purchase our Pleasureway.  After a little bit of skepticism, we agreed to proceed with the transaction.  About a week later they flew a driver out to South Carolina to pick up the MH and drive it back to Sandy, Oregon.  After completing his inspection, the money was wired into my account and the deal was done.  It was a great experience and if you are selling your MH, I would strongly recommend using Johnson RV.  The experience could not have been any easier.  Thank you Lori for your attention and help with our transaction.

Steven B. Yelp Review


7/1/2018 - Five Star Review

I worked with Dan Grimes.  Johnson RV contacted me regarding ads I had online to sell my coach.  They offered to buy it.   I had already accepted an offer but Johnson's was higher.  So Dan helped guide me through the process.  I pulled the offer and the whole process went exactly as promised.  I would recommend Johnson RV, Sandy, OR.  They are fair and follow through.  They are an honest business.

Wendy T. Yelp Review

6/27/2018 - Five Star Review

I was delighted with Johnson RV and especially with Dan Grimes. Dan was the buyer that helped me sell my RV. He exceeded my expectations in every regard. He made the process easy and sold my RV​ for the right price in a short period. Dan was easy to reach by phone and always kept me informed. He is very courteous & competent and delivered. 

Thank you and keep up the good work Dan and Johnson RV!!! 

Drew B. Yelp Review

4/4/2018 - Five Star Review
We sold our Tiffin to Johnston RV yesterday . It was a good experience and although I could have gotten more selling it outright, Dan was easy to deal with and didn't try dickering me down when they came to pick it up. Thank you for a nice transaction Dan. If we are ever in the market for another RV, we will come see you!

Rick W. Yelp Review

May 2018 - Five Star Review
We sold our class A motorhome on consignment and everything happened exactly as initially described in a call by their buyer, Mary, very professional. We negotiated a price (they keep whatever they can get above that). They came to inspect the motorhome then drove it to their RV lot in Sandy, detailed it and advertised it. When it sold a month later, they wire-transferred the money and we mailed them the title. Highly recommended!

- Steve Hall Google Review

May 2018 - Five Star Review
Recently conducted business with Mary and I could not ask for better service. She and Johnson RV were everything that was advertised and more. GREAT JOB ! I will recommend Mary and Johnson RV to my friends and family.

- Marc Nunn Google Review

3/10/2018 - Five Star Review
We just sold our class C RV to Johnson in Sandy, OR.  I worked with Mary Davis, their RV Purchasing person.  She gave us a fair price (for selling to a dealer outright) and dealt very professionally and efficiently.  Her inspection revealed a problem I wasn't aware of; she offered a quick solution without exploiting the issue.  She didn't nit-pick over minor issues.  I really appreciate her honest, straightforward approach.  The way things are supposed to go, but rarely do.

Dave L. Yelp Review

Five stars  *****  excellent service.
Ever so often you receive extraordinary customer service which far out does your expectations.  Our experience with Johnson RV especially with Mary in the buyer department was just that.  Mary went out of her way to understand our needs and in each step in the process she exceeded our needs.   She truly was an advocate of us in working through all the steps in resolving our concerns.   I would highly recommend Johnson RV due to the experience we had with Mary and also true for all others we worked with at Johnson RV including Sales and Service over the past three years.    


Recently conducted business with Mary and I could not ask for better service. She and Johnson RV were everything that was advertised and more. GREAT JOB ! I will recommend Mary and Johnson RV to my friends and family. We just sold our class C RV to Johnson in Sandy, OR. I worked with Mary Davis, their Rv Purchasing person. She gave us a fair price and dealt very professionally and efficiently. Her inspection revealed a problem I wasn't aware of; she offered a quick solution without exploiting the issue. She didn't nit-pick over minor issues. I really appreciate her honest, straightforward approach. The way things are supposed to go, but rarely do.
Dave L.

My husband developed a back problem after long drive vacation. We love road trips but we found ourselves that we have to change our travel plan.
It was a aching decision we need to sell our motor home and think about the hassle with selling something to someone we don't know.
We were lucky enough find Johnson Co Ad. on the internet. We were connected with Mr. Wes Harper from this company from their, it was so easy to process. In three days everything worked out and Mr. Jay ,( I didn't get his last name) . came to Las Vegas from Portland and He pick up the RV and we were paid on spot. It was a huge relief for us. Hope our RV find a nice owner who will enjoy as much as we did. It was sorry let it go but it was a time to. I thank you everyone who worked on the deal
from Johnson RV Portland.Sun K.

I advertised an RV for sale on Craigslist, Los Angeles to sell an RV for a friend who is over seas. The next day,  after several other dealers called offering me 28000 and 32000, which was insulting,I got a call from Wes Harper. When he said he was from a dealer, I asked how much he was going to low ball me for to get rid of him. He laughed and said he would pay what it is worth and offered 40k based on the add and my discription.  He offered the amount I wanted exactly, first bid, I advertised it 4000 over that price, he offered 40k.  I thought it was a scam , especially when he told me  the process. It sounded much to easy, he sends forms, I return them with pictures, he sends the inspector/buyer, they inspect, send more pictures to Johnson RV, less than an hour later, they wire 40,000 to the owners bank account, we sign the title after we have the money confirmed in the account, give them the keys, that is it. Sounded to good to be true. It happened exactly as he said, no hassle.. If you are selling your RV, don't worry about these guys, they are on the up and up, easiest sale I ever made, totally professional

Jay M.

.TNPhoto T.
We recently decided to sell our 2010 Winnebago Class A motor home.  We checked with where we purchased the unit and also with our local Camping World and they each quoted us a ridiculously low price to sell the RV for us. So we decided to sell it ourselves by advertising on several web sites.  Johnson RV saw one of our ads and contacted us by phone.  They made an offer which, while lower than what we had hoped to get, was a reasonable offer and to purchase it outright for cash.  The experience was very professional from their initial offer to the closing of the deal.  They are located in Oregon and our unit was in Nashville.  They flew out a person to inspect the unit, take pictures to confirm that everything was as we claimed and to coordinate the sale with their management back in Oregon.  Our RV was as we claimed, so Johnson RV wire transferred the funds directly to my bank and, once I confirmed that the money was in my account, we finished the paperwork and their driver drove the RV back to Oregon.  As I said earlier, the entire experience very professional from the initial contact by their Buying department to the inspection by the person they flew out.  Highly recommend Johnson RV based on my experience.  Thank you Dan in Buying for your help.

Arthur M.
After making so many loving memories with my children and my lovely wife, it is time for me to let my faithful RV go. My wife received a post card from Johnson RV last Christmas and kept it. So, I sent an email to Johnson then Dan called me back in few hours.

During our first conversation back in July, I told Dan that I was. It ready to sell the RV until late August due to my vacation arrangement with my wife. Regardless, Dan did show me his professionalism and do a very good job on explaining to me how does the selling process work and asked me to send him some pictures of my RV when I am ready to proceed.

Dan called me back to follow up after my wife and I have returned from our vacation. He did remember exactly all the details that I have mentioned to him while we were on the phone.  He showed me that not only he knows what he is doing but also be very fair to his company as well as to my interests. He can point put something from the pictures that I sent him which I don't even recognize or aware of. He is a very detail oriented and "follow-thru" person.  After a short telephone conversation,  he accepted my counter offer on the sales price and the rest were history!

All I can say about my experience with Johnson RV was great simply because of Dan! The entire selling process is hassle free. Dan gave me a feeling that he understands what a seller wants as well as what his company is really to Pay for on what kind of RV. He can balance everyone's interests and get each side a winning deal!

Congratulations, Johnson RV for having an exceptional employee like Dan Grimes!

I will recommend Dan and Johnson RV to anyone if they want to sell their RV. You will not be undersold!Bill D.
Recently sold my class B to Johnson RV. Was contacted by Dan, in response to my CL ad, who proceeded to walk me through the process. I was hesitant, as it seemed to good to be true. However Dan explained the process and followed through on all the commitment. From start to finish took about 10 days, and went very smooth. I was given a fair price for the unit and would sell to them again in a second.

I sold my Holiday Rambler Vacation to Johnson Rv. The process was so easy that I was apprehensive. Bob Humphrey called me and talked through my RV from which he made me a reasonable offer which I accepted. He was professional and not pushy. He did everything to make me comfortable with the process including encouraging me to talk to my bank about understanding process and read reviews like this(they were all consistent). He sent Stan is who was very thorough. We did all the paperwork they wired the money- THAT simple! 

By: Darrin 
Allen, TX

Stan stayed until the bank verified the funds and he was on his way. Soooo professional and did everything just like they said! Perfect. 
Employee: Bob Humphrey 

By: Reno 
Cypress, CA

After 10 years of creating awesome memories with our RV from Beach Camping to the high Sierra's, we decided it was time to sell. The kids have grown and we our now going to wait until retirement for our next adventures in RVing. Selling a used RV's is very involved and confusing, so we decided to make it easy by calling Johnson RV in Sandy Oregon based upon a flyer in the mail stating they would pay top dollar for used RV's. Well they did and we could have not been happier with the entire process. It was quick, simple, and the staff was very knowledgeable. Especially Lori Klecan who walked us through the entire process. I would recommend anyone thinking about selling their used RV to call Johnson RV first. Thanks again! 

By: Lee 
Johnstown, CO

I contacted Bob Humphrey by phone and explained my situation to him. I hated to get rid of our RV, but we just weren't using it like we should have been since our boys have left the nest. I felt like he was very understanding, helpful, truthful and very patient with our situation that was going on with my RV. I felt very confident in speaking with him and trusted him, even thou we have never met. Johnson RV has a special employee. Mr. Humphrey was Great to work with. We appreciate everything you've done for us and explaining the details. 
Lee and Wendy Montoya 

By: Tommi 
McMinnville, OR

Absolutely seamless, so professional, their word is golden and they perform in a very businesslike proficient manner. I sold a RV to them and will no doubt buy a smaller Class A from them. Bob Humphrey is totally awesome and trustworthy. Thank you for the way you conduct yourself! 
Thank you thank you! 

God Bless You, 
John and Terrie 

By: Terrie 

I sold my Forest River RV to Johnson RV. It was a pleasure working with everyone Bob Humphrey, Mike Gossett and David Metier. All were very professional. I thank them all very much for everything they did to make the sale smooth. Thanks again. I would definitely deal with them again. 
God Bless You!

By: Ron
We had been trying to sell our class C through out the spring and summer with no reasonable responses until Bob contacted us. Without going into great detail we tell all that Bob Humphrey and Johnson RV were/are life savers. Without their guidance and assistance we would not have been able to get the outcome we were looking for. Marie and I are very pleased to recommend Bob and Johnson RV to anyone who is looking to buy or sell 

By: Joe
Bob, it was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. You are very professional and you did exactly what you said you were going to do. I also wanted to commend you on Skyler. He was very professional. He is an intelligent person and represented you very well. 
Everything went well and your guys did a great job. I’m not sure if we will get back into the RV game again but if we do we will call you.