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Winnebago 2020 Virtual Reveal

Virtual Reveal Countdown

Join us at 1pm EST on November 18, 2020, for Winnebago's Impressive Virtual Lineup!

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Watch Winnebago's First Ever Virtual Reveal!

Take a front-row seat for our biggest virtual product launch ever. Whether you’re looking for a small travel trailer or a luxurious 5th wheel, a rugged off-grid adventure RV or the most refined diesel pusher we’ve ever built, you’ll find it here at Johnson RV.


Design and Styling from Winnebago

Design + Styling

Learn how Winnebago Design Studio features neutral color palettes and clean, sophisticated designs that serve as the perfect canvas for your own imprint.


New Models from Winnebago

New Models + Floorplans

See the world premier of all-new vehicles, plus updated floor plans and new features on all Winnebago RVs.


Off-roading from Winnebago

Offroading + Boondocking

From on-demand 4WD to solar power and functional storage, find out how #vanlife and off-road adventures are more possible with Winnebago camper vans.


Winnebago Virtual Lineup Reveal