Your First Insurance Claim

When you purchased your first RV, chances are you never imagined what your first insurance claim would be. However, according to a recent study, most claims involving an RV or motorhome are due to the reason “I just forgot”.

In a recent article written by Denise Johnson for the Claims Journal she said:
“First party insurance claims involving recreational vehicles (RV) can often be traced to driver inexperience and forgetfulness.
“The majority of claims occur within the first 90 days of ownership or at the beginning of the season,” according to International Insurance Group, Inc., an Arizona independent agency that places RV insurance. “This is due to the nuances and size of RVs. Most drivers aren’t accustomed to the wide angles, required clearance, and space required to maneuver their rig.”
We completely understand how this can happen. Owning an RV is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Suddenly you have this beautiful home on wheels that has walls that slide out and you may need to use wheel blocks or leveling jacks for the first time in your life. Remembering all the ins and outs, and tips and tricks can be exhausting. An idea that has helped many first time (or second and third time) RV owners is to simply make a check list. Keep it handy and before your departure go down the list to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. There are a ton of great websites out there that have checklists already made up that you can print off, but to help you get started here is a basic checklist:


  • Secure all awnings
  • Unhook all unneeded connections
  • Take your tv antenna down
  • Slide rooms in and secure
  • Make sure the outside storage door is shut and locked
  • Raise leveling jacks
  • Remove wheel blocks
  • Make sure entry steps are stowed
  • Lower roof-mounted satellite dish
  • Close roof vents and windows (except those left open for ventilation)
  • Remove decorative and other items from awnings and store (lights, bird feeders, etc.)
  • Turn off all other propane appliances (water heater, furnace)
  • Be aware of your height AND turning radius



Don’t forget that if you have any questions, our wonderful staff at Johnson RV will be more than happy to help you. Just give us a call or find us on Facebook!

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