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Tyron RV Program

"Tire blowouts are totally independent of tire wear. A brand new tire and a worn tire have equal chances of suffering a blowout."

Tyron Passes Ultimate Test at FedEx

75 MPH Steer Tire Blowout on Custom Critical Big-Rig a "Non-Event"

Burbank-based company stands by breakthrough safety technology designed to maintain stability during catastrophic steer failure

Saint Louis, MO - April 30: FedEx Custom Critical Passport Auto Transport, the nation's premier transporter of classic, collector and specialty automobiles, has announced it will seek authorization from parent Federal Express to equip its entire fleet with Tyron wheel safety technology. The decision came after almost a year long trial in which one of their state-of-the-art 18-wheelers, designed to transport the world's most expensive automobiles, recently suffered a steer tire blowout with a full vehicle load while traveling the Oklahoma interstate at the maximum posted speed. Phil Buchanan, the truck's driver, summed up the event simply. "Tyron saved the rig, the load, and most likely my life."

According to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA), twenty-one percent (21%) of all truck crashes are tire related. And records from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate hundreds of these crashes due to tire blowouts...steering tire failures being by far the most dangerous. Tyron significantly increases vehicle stability in the event of a steer tire blowout, and therefore steering, cornering and braking can be kept in control. The revolutionary Tyron device is available exclusively from Tyron Automotive Group USA, a California-based manufacturer and distributor of consumer, first response, and military tire safety technologies.

"Catastrophic tire failure is an unforeseeable danger that any truck driver can face on any given day," states Rick Renner, managing director of FedEx Custom Critical Passport Auto Transport. "Because we are entrusted with vehicles which are often irreplaceable, it is crucial that we utilize proven safety measures to help protect our drivers, our trucks, and the precious cargo we transport on behalf of our valued customers. It is now my desire to fit our entire fleet with Tyron."

Originally developed for military use, Tyron products are patented worldwide and are in use internationally on police, fire, ambulance, light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, recreational vehicles...even vehicles used by Royalty and Heads of State. Representing a major leap in tire safety, the Tyron device is attached over a wheel's drop center or "wheel well" after a tire is fitted, thus locking the tire to the wheel. After a puncture or blowout, a deflated tire forms a cushion of rubber between wheel and road. Acclaimed as a scientific breakthrough, Tyron increases vehicle stability, dramatically improves driver control, and immediately goes to work to help prevent rollovers. "Tire safety begins with wheel safety," states Rick Cole, Tyron USA Chief Executive Officer, "Tyron is very effective."

About Tyron Automotive Group USA

Formed in 2001 as the domestic distribution arm of Tyron Automotive Group Ltd. (located in Nottingham, England), Tyron USA is located in Burbank, California. Tyron has been tested and endorsed by a number of vehicle, truck, and tire manufacturers around the world, including Goodyear and Michelin. It is also equipped on fire trucks made by world-renown Pierce Manufacturing. For Homeland Security, Tyron is used by FEMA, LAPD, and the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, among numerous other agencies. For more information, call 888-RUN-FLAT or visit

About FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx Custom Critical provides exclusive-use, time-specific shipment services throughout the U.S. and Canada and within Europe. Among its divisions are Surface Expedite, for nonstop, door-to-door transport of critical shipments; White Glove Services, for shipments that require special care in handling; and Air Expedite, which offers an array of air solutions to meet customers' critical delivery times.

About FedEx Corp.

FedEx Corp. provides customers and businesses worldwide with the broadest portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of $25 billion, the company offers integrated business applications through operating companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brands. Consistently ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers, FedEx inspires its more than 240,000 employees and contractors to remain "absolutely, positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of their customers and communities. For more information, visit

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Personal Safety

More than 20 million Americans experience tire punctures or blowouts every year. Tragic accidents occur every day. Rollovers are common, and family members may be injured or killed. With our TYRON BANDS fitted to your recreational vehicle, you have a much greater chance of maintaining steering, braking and overall stability. Now you can safely reduce your speed in the event of tire failure. TYRON BANDS help you continue to drive on the flattened tire for a short distance to the road and out of danger. With TYRON BANDS you won’t be stranded with a flat tire ever again.

The Tyron Promise

TYRON BANDS are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle…maintenance free…and to protect vehicle wheels of damage in the event of a flat tire or common blowout. Should your wheel become damaged, we’ll repair it or replace it.* Flailing especially on towables…can cause wheel arch or body damage which are costly to repair. TYRON BANDS help eliminate these expensive problems.

Safety & Security

TRYON BANDS are used by government, military, police, ambulance, emergency and fire departments all over the world. It’s now available to help protect you and your family from many of the dangers of tire failure.

  • Police-tested and used worldwide
  • Blowout protection so effective it’s patented
  • Proven technology which saves lives
  • Whelps protect expensive alloy wheels