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Grech RV

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Grech RV has set a new standard by defining what a Class B motorhome should be.

Grech Motors is the luxury ground transportation industry’s leading mini-coach manufacturer, specializing in the highest quality mid-size buses and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans. Grech Motors’ products have ushered in a new echelon for the ground transportation industry by redefining the mini-coach. When you find a Grech RV for sale, you can count on a product backed by:

- An unwavering focus on innovation

- Trend-setting designs

- Elegant style

- Curb appeal

- Unrivaled quality

- Superior fit and finish

- An exclusive level of standard equipment

- The industry’s absolute best warranty and after-sale support

Grech RV History

Grech RV founder Ed Grech made the ground transportation industry his home, becoming one of its leading innovators and visionaries as the driving force behind what was the most iconic manufacturer spanning several years.

Many wondered what the pioneer’s next move would be, and the answer was Grech Motors. The products he’d create would surely reinforce why his name has always been ­synonymous with quality and luxury. When you pay the Grech RV price, you’re sure to experience an unparalleled experience.

“My philosophy in business is very basic,” says Grech. “I have always focused on delivering the highest quality products and providing unparalleled after-sale support. We stood behind all of our products and warranties. I have always taken care of my customers, and in return, they have always taken care of me.”

Grech’s history of entrepreneurship goes back to when he opened his first body shop in 1982. One day, he joked with his employees about cutting a car in half and stretching it into a limousine, only to find that exact vehicle cut in half when he returned from lunch. Over 40 years and 35,000 vehicles later, his legacy is cemented in luxury ground transportation industry history. Grech is among those who championed change, setting standards in manufacturing excellence, customer service, and vehicle offering, while raising the bar in quality and safety.

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