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✔️ Our Service Departments remain OPEN at BOTH locations

✔️ In-Store Sales remains OPEN at our Sandy, OR location
     Visit our Social Distancing Friendly Facility on 12 scenic acres

✔️ In-Store Sales remains OPEN in Fife, WA



📰 COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation, and Recovery Plan Summary



Our team is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community, clients, and staff, therefore, it is required that any employee that is customer-facing will wear a mask and gloves.  Plexiglass partitions are located at any customer-facing area of our dealership to reduce contact. 


Social Distancing

Our dealership is prepped and ready to act in accordance with Phase 1 of Resuming Vehicle Sales.  We have installed plexiglass partitions at every desk in which our staff has customer-facing interactions, we designated areas in every department where clients would be inside the dealership to keep the 6' social distancing rules in effect, we have cleaning logs at every desk in which is used along with cleaning supplies to keep these areas appropriately sanitized for our clients and staff.  We are utilizing disinfectant sprayers on every vehicle that enters and exits our dealership.  We are limiting in-person contact as much as possible by utilizing our digital and virtual sales procedures as well as precise appointment setting. 


Sanitation and Hygiene

Our JRV team encourages and we have signs posted regarding the basic etiquette of consistent washing of your hands, “handshake free zone”, and increased frequency of the sanitation of our dealership hot spots/touch zones by our cleaning company and our in-house staff members. All dealership employees are required to wear masks and gloves who are customer forward facing.  Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is used and offered throughout the dealership for both clients and staff members. We have accessible trash and recycling bins located throughout the dealership.  Cleaning supplies are readily available. 


Symptom Monitoring

Our staff is required to take their temperature daily before reporting to work.  We are also asking the self-screening questions of our employees. If any staff member is not feeling well, they are advised to stay home for 24 hours or until they are feeling better.  If the staff member is exhibiting signs/symptoms of COVID-19 they are required to self-quarantine for at least 72 hours or up to 7 days in addition to communicating with their medical care provider for additional precautions.  Any employee that visits or consults with medical care professionals is required to provide documentation to their supervisor before returning to work.  Communication with department managers is essential in our dealerships safeguarding protocol.  We encourage our employees to stay home and stay healthy when feeling sick.


Incident Reporting

Any employee who is exhibiting any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 has the responsibility of communicating directly with their immediate Supervisor or Human Resources.  Our dealership has a Supervisor in every department, parts/sales/service.  If an employee is encourages or required to self-quarantine or miss work, written documentation is required so we can notify our staff members and place a copy of the document in their file.  If an employee is exhibiting any illness, we increase our sanitation efforts in that individual's workstation.  We keep a log of all visitors in our respective departments for parts/sales/service.  Communication and documentation are key.


Dealership Decontamination Procedures

Our staff members continue to take the decontamination process seriously.  We have ordered disinfectant sprayers to decontaminate our vehicles that are entering or exiting our dealership daily.  Work areas frequently touched are cleaned continuously and documented on our checklist.  Staff members are required to wear masks and gloves, wash their hands frequently, hand sanitizer readily available, tissue/trash/recycling bins, and cleaning supplies available. 


Social Distancing

We're offering a Social Distancing shopping experience of your choice.
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