Winnebago eRV2: An All Electric Motorhome

Winnebago RV has always been at the forefront of innovative designs in the RVing industry. Now, with the age of electric vehicles making a huge impact on the automotive world, they’re doing it again! The Winnebago eRV2 motorhome is a brand-new concept vehicle that will revolutionize the way you camp. Below, we’ll show you more about the features and technology you can expect in these all-electric RVs.

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Innovative Layout

Winnebago RV strives to provide the best layout for your physical and mental state while you’re out at the campground. These designs give you the comfort you need in every feature, so you can rest and relax.

Ford E-Transit Electric Chassis

The new Winnebago eRV2 electric motorhome gives you a powerful all-electric RV that’s built to keep you on the road or at the campground longer! You’ll love that the IonBlade® house battery system has boondocking capabilities for up to seven days, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your RV is zero-emission.

Using Recycled Materials

There are so many things to make you feel good about the incredible designs in these RVs. One of our favorite features is that it offers is that many of the elements utilize recycled materials. The flooring is made of all recycled materials, along with other aspects of the design, so you can feel even better about the sustainable manufacturing process.

Winnebago Connect System

The Winnebago Connect System provides you with the ability to monitor and control your RV’s energy consumption from your smartphone, giving you pinpoint control wherever you need it.


Learn more about what to expect from this Winnebago eRV2 motorhome when you contact us today. At Johnson’s RV, we strive to offer the best RVs for all lifestyles, so you’ll always find the perfect match.

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