Why You Need to Use a Dealership for Your Next RV Rental on Outdoorsy

Just like how sites such as Uber and Airbnb have democratized car services and property rentals, the website Outdoorsy is changing the way that people rent RVs. Outdoorsy lets you find an RV to rent virtually anywhere so you can plan your dream trip before even leaving your couch. However, there are a few reasons why you should be extra cautious before you make that next reservation.

Unlike a house, which remains stationary (unless something has gone horribly awry), your RV is serving as both your housing and your transportation. It’s only going to be able to do that if the owner is taking good care of the vehicle’s maintenance. You would never have to worry about an Airbnb leaving your family stranded next to the Grand Canyon. Unlike an Uber, you are the one operating your rental and the one that will need to deal with any issues that arise.

One of the benefits of a site like Outdoorsy is also how you can get the chance to rent a classic RV and enjoy the vintage styling. Unfortunately, this also means that you may end up getting to experience the vintage engineering and, depending on the owner, the vintage motor oil that should have been changed several presidents ago.

Fortunately, in addition to private RV owners renting on Outdoorsy, there are also dealerships who offer rentals through the site.  Renting from an RV dealership can save you much of the hassle and concern that could otherwise put a damper on your trip.

Dealerships like Johnson RV have been in the RV business far before the creation of sites like Outdoorsy, and that experience is a big benefit to its customers. All Johnson RV rental RVs are serviced by professional maintenance technicians in-house, inspected between each use, cleaned thoroughly, and each renter gets a live tutorial of their unit. Johnson RV also has a roadside assistance number you can call to speak with a local, real human being about any issues that might come up.


If you are looking to plan an RV trip in the Oregon area, look up Johnson RV on Outdoorsy and find your next getaway today.

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