Why buying a used RV is such a good idea


Each year you pile the family into your vehicle and head to your vacation destination… A well thought out place that will include attractions and pampering for everyone in the family. You’ve packed the family vehicle with each person’s belongings, and even some extras, and then you wonder to yourself how you’re going to fit the family in. You have your carefully planned route programmed into the GPS and you also have it outlined on a paper map. You don’t take any chances. Halfway there, the kids are whining that all too familiar “Are we there yet” and the wife had her fingers in her ears trying to imagine herself at the hotel spa – kid free for the day.

But not this year. No. This year you’re going to do things differently. No more being cramped in the family vehicle. No more whining on the way there and no more hotels! Besides, do they really wash those bedspreads? This year you have decided to purchase your very first RV. But like many first time RV buyers, you may be asking yourself “do I buy new or used?” Each one has their perks, but let’s go over the reasons why buying a used RV is such a good idea.

For starters, the most obvious reason is price. Purchasing a used motorhome will be less expensive than purchasing a new motorhome. Chances are you could pick up a used version of the motorhome you’re looking at for a smaller price than a brand new one if you look at last years model. You may be thinking that the mileage might be high, but you’d be surprised. Even on used units that are only a couple years old, the mileage can be low. Which brings us to another good point about purchasing used. You may find that the unit you thought was perfect needs to be larger, you need a bigger bathroom, you need a smaller unit, what we’re trying to say is your preferences may change and trading in a used unit is easier than trading in that brand new unit you just purchased and it doesn’t hurt so much when you get the hit for the depreciation for driving that brand new unit off the lot.

All the pre-owned RV’s at Johnson RV go through a rigorous inspection and most of the units on our lot have never had pets or cigarette smoke in them. That is a huge benefit if someone in your family suffers from allergies. Also, keep in mind you don’t have to look for really old units to get a good deal. Even units a year or two old are getting traded in all the time. These well cared for units can be just the gem you’re searching for. You can also use the N.A.D.A website to help you when considering a used motorhome. It’s what most RV dealerships use to price the RV’s.

Purchasing used can sometimes be the best value for your money. And in these times we can all use the best value for our money. In the long run, having your own home on wheels sure does beat staying in hotels. In your home in wheels, you don’t have to live out of your suitcase, and if you forget something in one of the cabinets, you just have to walk out to the RV and get it. You also get to bring your own pillow and your favorite blanket without taking up precious space in the family car.

There are so many benefits to RVing, but we’re pretty sure that if you’ve found yourself reading this, then you’re already thinking about all the perks. So, come down and see us at one of our two locations and pick out your new pre-owned home away from home!

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