Want to RV for Free? Consider Being A Camp Host!

For RVers, state parks are some of the best locations to camp at or visit. But what if you could stay there for free? Choosing to be a campground host might be the choice for you!

Campground hosts are some of the most visible people at any state park so chances are you have met a few. They may be the people selling you ice or firewood, or cleaning the yurts or cabins. They might have been mowing the lawns when you saw them, or conducting tours for campers. These hosts could be staying temporarily at their favorite park or living there year-round. These are all options available to anyone who is interested.

In most parks there are a variety of opportunities for extended stay. There are campground hosts, maintenance hosts, yurts or cabin hosts, extended stay hosts or special project hosts, among others. A special project host generally requires specific skills as some of those projects could include: building cabins or playgrounds, designing education programs or taking photographs.

There are many benefits to choosing one of these positions.

  • Hosts receive a free full hookup during their stay.
  • Orientation and training provided.
  • Volunteer uniform and injury coverage.
  • Day-use parking permit.
  • Opportunity to expand your skills and visit many beautiful parks.

For more information about applying for any of these positions in Oregon visit the OregonStatePark.org. Interested in this program through another state? No problem! Most state parks have a similar program. You can learn more about the state you are interested in by checking your desired state parks website.  

Find the right RV for your state park adventures – check our list of Oregon RV Specials or send us any RV related questions!

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