Visit Oregon’s Hot Springs… They’re Closer Than You Think!

Looking for a great fall/winter weekend outing in Oregon? How about heading out to one of our state’s 45 (give or take a few) hot springs? Hot springs are formed when the molten rock deep in the Earth’s interior transmits heat upward through solid rock to groundwater which has penetrated to that depth. This extremely hot water then forces its way upward through fissures and fractures, warming rocks and water as it goes. Where the hot water can escape at the grounds surface, a hot spring is formed. Many believe that these waters may hold therapeutic effects which relieve or restore health.  The waters of hot springs do have energetic factors such as the powerful ionization, mineralization, radioactivity, gases and PH variations. The mineralization of the waters is always closely related to the composition of the soil in which they arise, and in general, they contain fluorine, iron, bromine, boron, iodine, chrome, sodium, phosphorus, and carbon silicon to name a few. Many of Oregon’s hot springs are quite close to major cities, such as Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Bend.  No matter where you are, chances are you’re probably no more than a couple of hours from a place to soak, making this a perfect weekend getaway. Many of these hot springs are in the wilderness and require a bit of a hike in, but many of them are incorporated with campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts.  Some are quite rustic, and others more modernized, so no matter what your preference, with a little research you can find the perfect hot springs for you and your family. We found to have most all of the hot springs listed, with plenty of great information on each one. A personal favorite is Summer Lake Hot Springs near Paisley, Oregon. It’s a rustic gem out in the middle of nowhere, and with RV Hookups featuring water, sewer, and 20-50 amp electric, it’s a perfect place to get away and do some serious relaxing. Remember to take a book and some good walking shoes… It’s just you and nature out there! Also, it is worth noting that just a few miles down the road in the small town of Paisley, at the Pioneer Saloon and Cafe, the pizza is outstanding and the service is as small town friendly as you would hope for.

Do you have a favorite hot spring? Tell us all about it!

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