Types of Motorized RVs

There is a wide variety of options when looking for an RV for yourself or your family. It can be intimidating to see all of the different choices and figure out what would be the best fit for your personal needs.  There are three main categories (known as classes) of RV defined by their overall size and structure.  Here is a brief guide to help you figure out what class your next RV should be:

Class A:

These are the big boys of the RV world. Built on full-size coach chassis, these are the biggest and most heavily outfitted category. If you are want plenty of room for a big family, or just more space to stretch out, then this is the class of RV for you.

The upsides:

  • Class As are the way to go if you want to maximize space, whether you need sleeping space for a big group or lots of storage for things you don’t want to leave behind.
  • These have the most choices for luxury upgrades and amenities.
  • Features like room slideouts can create even more interior space to use while parked.


            Bill and Sarah are happily retired after many years of hard work and child raising.  Without needing the space at their old house, they’ve purchased a Winnebago Sunova class A motorhome as their permanent, mobile residence.  Their grown children are raising their own families all around the country, so John and Sarah appreciate being able to travel between cities and keep up with everyone without waiting for the visits to come to them.  They no longer have to deal with the upkeep of their old house and big yard, not to mention getting to skip out on the Midwestern winters they dealt with for so long.  There is plenty of room for both of them and their dog without tripping over each other.  The full kitchen and king size bed means they live as comfortably as they did in the old family house.

Class B:

Sometimes referred to as Campervans, these vehicles are modified versions of popular vans and are the smallest of the primary classes of RVs. These look more like regular passenger vehicles from the outside, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of extra functionality for comfortable living accommodations. Their smaller size and lack of features like slideouts means these are quicker and easier to set up when you arrive at your destination or to pack up when you are ready to go again.

The upsides:

  • Best fuel economy of any RV class.  These are the most affordable to operate and maintain, and often the most affordable to purchase.
  • The smaller overall size makes these the easiest to drive and maneuver.  Drivers used to passenger vehicles will usually find these easier to adapt to than the larger classes.
  • Able to set up in place or pack up in minutes.


Javier loves the flexibility of his job that lets him work remotely part time.  His Winnebago Revel allows him to be out the door and on the road in no time when the mood strikes him.  The small size and 4×4 system means he can take his mobile home/office wherever he feels. While he can’t bring along everything from home, he still has room for his mountain bike and kayak on the roof so he can enjoy some outdoor recreation once he “clocks out” for the day.  Even when he’s in the office for a few days, his class B Revel is up for short weekend trips at a moment’s notice.

Class C:

Surprisingly, the class C motorhomes are not the smallest, but actually fit between A and B in terms of overall size.  These feature coachbuilt bodies on top of truck or van chassis.  They are easily recognizable by the look of the truck or van driving cab on the front. Combining many of the benefits of both class A and B RVs, they can be a great middle ground for people who don’t quite want the large size or cost of a class A but do still need more room than they can find in a class B.

The upsides:

  • Fills in the middle ground of size between the other two classes.  Less overall size than an A, but the coachbuilt bodies feature much more interior room (often including room slideouts) than class B vehicles.
  • Extra body space above driving cab usually offers extra sleeping quarters or storage


Jeff and Michelle love taking family trips and trying to build many happy memories for their young children.  Traveling can be tough with a 2 and 4 year old, but it’s easy to hit the road in their Jayco Redhawk. Their class C RV has plenty of room for all four of them to live and sleep comfortably, even for longer trips.  They love that even the time spent traveling to their destination can be quality time spent together, especially compared to trying to navigate airports or keep young children entertained in the back of a minivan. Taking turns playing with the children in the back while driving makes the miles go by much easier. They love how much more traveling they are able to do as a family within their budget since they can bring their accommodations with them wherever they go.

At Johnson RV we are proud to offer all classes of RV with our new and premium pre-owned inventory. Stop by our location in Oregon or Washington to find the perfect fit for you and your family.

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