… Helping Women RV’ers Feel Confident On The Road

rv tips women rvers trailerchixAttention lady RV’ers… In case you hadn’t yet heard, is all about you. In her own words, here’s what Shelah Johnson, Creator and Editor in Chief, says they’re all about: “TrailerChix tries to return some of the lost charm and elegance to trailer life while utilizing many of the new and exciting technological advances that will help us build a more sustainable planet through a smaller ecological footprint. We take a holistic and bold view of the trailer lifestyle. Although we focus on travel trailers, we realize that our approach to living full or part time in a smaller footprint should also include our growing number of fellow travelers who live without wheels – shipping containers, floating homes, converted airplanes, railroad cars and other alternative habitats.  At TrailerChix we have a sense of responsibility to encourage and support current and future creative expressions. We celebrate those who are choosing travel trailers for alternative uses such as food carts, studio spaces, home offices and guest rooms.  And we salute those who are choosing to live full time in smaller footprints and who are committed to lowering our emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases…”   Shelah lives full time in her 1976  31’ Airstream Excella 500, which is parked on an island in the middle of two converging rivers in the Pacific Northwest.  Her website is fantastic. It is chock full of tips and information. For example there are articles on how to run your business from almost anywhere, interior design how-to’s, dozens of camper friendly recipes, how to make a living on the road, to the top 10 skills every woman on the road should know how to do on her own.  Whether you’re seeking information or inspiration, has got you covered. We especially love that Shelah Johnson recognizes and celebrates the fact that 91% of all new homes, 65% of all new cars, and 92% of all vacations are purchased by women. This website is catered specifically to those women. We hear she’ll even let some guys join in and be “trailerchix” too… as long as they do it with style!




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