Themed RV Trips are perfect for Family RV’ing


You’ve heard of themed dinner parties. Maybe you’ve even hosted one yourself, but what about a themed RV trip?  Sounds like fun to us! You may be asking, “How would one go about having a themed RV trip?”  Let’s choose an easy example. Probably the most fun for children and adults would be a mystery themed trip. You could even model it after a certain group of kids that travel with a particular dog from town to town in a mystery machine. What was the name of that cartoon again? Oh that’s right… Scooby Doo!
Putting together a mystery RV trip will take a little advance work on your part. It all depends on how involved you want to make it. Here’s a small scale idea of what you could do:

Pick a town you’d like to visit, and then check to see if that town has a museum. Pick an artifact in the museum that you think would be interesting to your family. Once you have it picked out, find out all you can about the item and then create clues pertaining to it. Once your mystery RV trip begins, you can start with your clues. But here’s where it can get really fun. If it’s a short RV trip (or if the kids just want to have some extra fun) let them dress up as characters from Scooby Doo, or as detectives, like Sherlock Holmes. If you have a longer RV trip, you can give them clues to the town you are going to rather than telling them where they will end up. Once they figure out the town, they have to figure out the artifact they will need to find, and in which building to find it. There are so many things you could do with this, and your imagination and creativity set the limits! If you belong to an RV group, or if you’ll be caravaning across country this summer with other families, think of all the fun you could have with themed RV trips! Here are some other great ideas:

Old West – Dress in old western garb. Destinations can include Hollywood movie sets in the West, antebellum plantations in the South, ghost towns, haunted houses, country singer birthplaces or grave sites in the East, colonial graveyards, early American architecture, and Ivy League colleges in the North.

Movie Madness – Pick a favorite movie and travel to the town the movie was supposed to have taken place in. Members of the family can dress as their favorite character.

Beaches Ahoy – Travel from beach to beach as pirates. Be sure to take your picture as you “storm” each new destination.

Safari – At each town you stay in, check to see if they have a local zoo or a wildlife safari park and visit. Kids can dress as safari adventurers.

Dolphin Tale – Check to see if the town has a local aquarium. Take pictures while you’re there and have the kids write about their experience and then use the pictures to create a memory book.

Treasure Hunting – Have everyone dress up as adventurers and get ready to find the mother of all treasures! You could even incorporateGeocaching with this one!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You can even just learn as much as you can about your destination and create your own theme. It’s really a lot of fun for the kids and adults to play together and just have a good time on the trip. It creates some bonding and laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. If you do take part in a themed RV trip, we would REALLY LOVE to hear about it! Please, leave us a message or post some pictures on our facebook wall!

Have fun and happy RV’ing!

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