The Winnebago Revel – #Vanlife

Sometimes, the call of the wild becomes too much to resist.  As the rise of the #vanlife movement has shown, the best way to deal with an increasingly digital and connected world can be to get far away from it all.  Getting off the beaten path is tough if you want to stay comfortable enough for an extended stay.  Winnebago has a new solution built on the tough, proven 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter platform, and it’s called the Revel.

This is not your father’s Winnebago

When you think of a Winnebago, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the oversized motorhome that your family used to take on road trips and stay in state park campgrounds where you can hook up, plug in, and stay put.  You want something a little more adventurous and capable, but you don’t want to give up the comforts that make long trips enjoyable.  You want to be able to leave the crowded roads behind and travel the forgotten trails. You know a full size motor coach won’t get you to the kind of spots that will make your Instagram followers jealous.

The Revel adventure vehicle combines the go anywhere abilities of the Sprinter four wheel drive system and 3 liter turbodiesel power plant with the living space accommodations that Winnebago is known for.  It has more than enough power to rack up the highway miles, but also the capability to leave the pavement far behind.  If your idea of camping isn’t a week-long stay at a KOA, then this is the RV for you.

The double pane acrylic windows provide hearty insulation against the elements and the optional air conditioning system keeps you comfortable in the harshest heat.  The windows also open up awning style so you can still get fresh air when it’s raining outside. No weather can keep you from bringing your living space wherever you want to go.  Even the power awning that brings your living space outside will automatically retract when it senses high winds to avoid damage.

Since disconnecting from the physical world doesn’t mean disconnecting from your digital life, the cabin is stocked with AC and USB outlets throughout to keep your phone or camera gear juiced up and ready to go.  You’ll also be able to keep that charge going when you’re well off the grid using the standard roof-mounted 200 watts of solar panels.  The Revel is designed with long treks in mind, so the interior ceiling lights are all LEDs to save on power consumption.  You can even keep track of your power reserves at all times with a built in monitor panel in the cabin.

Taking the path less traveled can mean the path that’s less paved, so all the cabinets and the fridge have latching doors designed to stay closed no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

Just because this adventure van doesn’t have the size of the Winnebago’s you are used to seeing doesn’t mean that it’s sacrificing on comfort and amenities.  The kitchen features an induction cook top so you don’t have to worry about carrying a propane tank. The cabin seating area also transforms into an extra bed to comfortably accommodate guests.

You don’t have to leave your toys behind because of the smaller footprint of the Revel, either.  The full size bed is on a power lift system which raises it up to the ceiling when not in use.  This opens up the back end of the van with 140 cubic feet of storage with multiple cargo tie-down anchors for bikes and other gear.  Leaving behind the house doesn’t mean you can’t bring the garage with you.  There’s also plenty of room on the included roof rack system to bring along your kayaks or other extra storage items.  If you want to bring along even more, the Revel is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds on the hitch that comes standard.

This new adventure van is the best way to experience the rugged independence of #vanlife without having to sacrifice on comfort or safety.  You get all the modern features to make your driving and living experience the best it can be, including a multi-view backup camera system so you can get negotiate tight spots.

The Winnebago Revel is your tool to redefine the family RV vacation or even experience the modern nomad life with the peace of mind of Winnebago build quality and a full factory warranty.  Designed and built to accommodate the desires of the #vanlife movement, this is your chance to build your own adventure and write your story the way you want.  You’ve officially run out of excuses, now it’s time to hit the trails.

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