The Classic Hobo Meal

Photo by: Noel Zia Lee

One of the best things about camping is the food! Though your RV has a kitchen sometimes it’s nice to sit outside and enjoy a meal made over the fire, or in the fire in this case. There are many different recipes for a hobo meal but customizing your perfect meal has never been easier!

How to make them:

·      1/3 -1/2 lb. meat, (hamburger, chicken, steak, fish, pork) per camper/meal. All non-ground meat should be sliced or diced except fish.

·      1 cup of each desired vegetable chopped into bite size pieces.

·      Generous amount of seasoning (salt, pepper, herbs, Worcestershire sauce, etc.)

Make a pocket out of foil and fill with ingredients. Make sure to use heavy-duty foil to prevent it from opening while cooking. Also be sure to fully seal the package instead of just “crunching” the edges. Place foil bag in mature coals, not in the direct flames. Leaving the bag in the flames will cause the meal to burn. There is no need to turn the bag if it is properly sealed as it will hold in heat and cook evenly.

Cook 30-40 minutes. Open and enjoy!   

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