Seven Questions to Ask Before Reserving a Space in a RV Park

Whether you’re just starting out on your RV journey or you’ve been to RV parks and gotten burned, asking a few pertinent questions can save you future headaches when you’re ready to pull into an RV park. It doesn’t matter if you’re just parking for the night and need to top off your water tank or you’re planning to put down some temporary roots for a few months. The right questions will make the process of getting a reservation much more pleasant for everyone involved.

1. Do You Have Vacancies on the Days We Need Them?

You’d be amazed how often even seasoned RVers pull into an RV park late in the day hoping to find the perfect spot for their vehicle. In reality, there may not be any spaces available at all. If you’re looking for a guaranteed spot, ask several weeks in advance whenever possible. RV Parks fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons.

2. How Much Space Will We Have?

Some RV parks, particularly older ones, have limited space for each RV. Don’t get stuck with one that won’t accommodate your slide-outs or give you room for your awnings and outdoor furniture. Know how much space you need in addition to the size of your motorhome, so you won’t end up infringing on another camper’s space or being unable to extend your awning.

3. Does the RV Park Have the Hookups I Need?

This sounds like a ridiculous question, but not all RV parks offer both 30 amp and 50 amp hookups. If you have a larger motorhome or RV that requires 50 amps, be sure it’s available.

4. What Amenities are Available?

If you’re looking forward to a long, hot shower and a playground where the kids can frolic, make sure the RV park you’re making reservations for actually offers these amenities. When you call to make your reservations, most people will be glad to give you a run-down on what’s available at their campground, including laundry facilities, a snack bar, firepits and more.

5. What Kind of RV Parking is Available?

In other words, will you have a pull-through or a back-in space for your RV? While a pull-through makes it much easier to park and pull out when you leave, these spaces are often at a premium and usually cost more. They also tend to be larger than back-in sites, which you have to (you guessed it!) back into in order for the hookups to be on the correct side of your RV. Determine which kind you want and make sure that’s what you’ve reserved before arriving at an RV park.

6. What Locations are Available?

Once you know what kind of space you want (back-in or pull-through), ask about the differences between different spaces and their locations. Some will be close to all the amenities and traffic, others will be more remote and quiet. What suits you and your family best is a personal preference that can make or break your stay in an RV park.

7. What are the RV Park Rules?

Most RV parks have rules about too much noise, taking care of your own trash and other obvious issues, but be sure to ask about things that can vary from park to park. Is the campground an alcohol-free zone, for instance? And are you permitted to have a fire, or is this not permitted? Being a good tenant for the RV park and a good neighbor to other RVers is crucial.

If you aren’t sure about anything at an RV park where you’re staying, don’t be afraid to ask the manager or anyone in the park office about any concerns you have. You’ll find that most of them are just as friendly and helpful as the other RVers you’ll meet on the road.

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