RV Tips: 4 Mistakes You Want to Avoid as a First-Time RV Owner

If you have just purchased your new RV from Johnson RV, you’re probably excited to get you and your family to the campground. These army tips will help you avoid some common mistakes for first-time RV owners so that you can enjoy your time in the campground stress-free. Learn more about how to prepare your RV campground and more below.

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Over Packing

One of the main things you want to do when you’re getting ready for the campground is to ensure you don’t overpack your RV. Make a list of all your essential items and try to stick close to that list. All RVs have a weight limit for how much they can safely carry, so be sure to check your RV-specific limit to know how much you can pack.

Not Securing Your Cabinets

while on the road, you don’t want your Arby’s cabinets to come open, so it’s a good idea to secure them. Most RVs have designed their cabinets not to open during transit, but it’s up never a bad idea to have a little extra assurance. We found that bungee cords are a simple and quick solution.

Cabinets in an RV at Johnson, RV
These cabinets would be fairly easy to secure before your drive to the campground.

Forgetting to Disconnect Before Driving Off

Another thing you want to watch out for is disconnecting your RV from the hookup properly. After loading up everything from the campground, and tidying your spot, be sure to double and triple-check that your RV is disconnected from all hookups.

Forgetting to Check Your Black Water Tank

Lastly, before you leave the campground, don’t forget to stop at the dump station. You don’t want to make a whole drive with a full black tank. Instead, empty the contents, fill it with a third of fresh water, and add a black tank cleaning solution to help sanitize and wash the interior on the way home.
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