Renting Vs Buying – What Is Best For You?

Try Before You Buy

If you are new to RVing, renting is a great way to test out different RV sizes and layouts to see what works best for you. It can be hard to know exactly what features are something you would never use or can’t live without until you actually use them. Even things like your comfort level with driving a vehicle much larger than a normal passenger car is something you might not know for sure until you take one out on the road. Renting a few different models can help you learn more about what works or does not fit you and your needs. It’s a lot better to rent a model and find out it doesn’t work for you like you thought it would than to buy one and learn the same lesson.

How Often Do You Need One?

A major benefit of renting instead of owning an RV is if you would not be using it very often.  Thanks to sites like Johnson RV, it’s never been easier to find a local RV to rent when you need one. If you would only use one occasionally it could save you a lot of money in ownership costs to just rent instead of having to deal with your RV being parked almost all year. Renting is also a great approach if you need different motorhomes at different times. If you are doing a trip with some friends and need the extra sleeping space just for the one outing, it makes more sense to rent a larger model rather than buy it if it’s much more than you need normally.

Benefits of Buying

Ready To Go When You Are

If you like having the flexibility to pack up and hit the road on a moment’s notice, then buying is probably the right approach for you. While there are many options for renting an RV when you need one, there is always a time commitment to pick it up, inspect it, pack it up with all your gear, and then repeat that process when your trip is complete. When you own your RV, you can have it all fueled up and ready to go anytime the mood strikes you.

Exactly The Way You Want It

When you own your RV, you have complete freedom over setting it up and organizing it exactly the way you want. From the kitchen layout to the color of your curtains, you can customize it to fit your needs exactly. Having the right supplies and features always on hand means you have one less thing to worry about and plan for when you want to start traveling. One of the great things about traveling by RV is bringing your accommodations with you, and that’s even truer when it’s your own motorhome on the trip. No need to worry about remembering your favorite skillet (the one that’s perfect for breakfast scrambles) or making sure there’s a wine bottle opener in the pantry (not a surprise anyone appreciates) if it’s your own vehicle.

Go Anywhere Your Heart Takes You

For certain types of RV trips, owning your vehicle might be the only way to go. Many rentals have limits on mileage, so a cross country road trip is hard to do. If you’re the more adventurous type, there can also be restrictions on off-road use in rented vehicles. Newer, more capable vehicles like the 4×4 Winnebago Revel can take you places many older models can’t go, but you likely won’t be allowed to hit the trails in something if it’s only rented.

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