Reasons an RV Newbie Should Get a Class B

Class-B motorhomes, also called campervans, are the smallest of the three types of mobile homes. At first glance, their RV appearance isn’t as apparent as the two other classes as it shares almost the same body as a family wagon. For first-time RV owners, this is a brilliant choice for three reasons.

Easy to Drive
Driving an RV requires a totally separate skillset compared to driving a regular car or vehicle. Picture this: you’ll be driving cross-country with a vehicle three to four times as long, with blind spots bigger than a barn door. The Class-B RV’s design is based on a family van chassis, making driving almost no different from driving a family van. It’s the best RV for those twists and turns on the road.
When the campervan isn’t busy being an RV, it could be a family van. Much of the furniture in a Class-B motorhome can be folded up to make room for a family. Being slightly longer than the fully-dedicated family van, the campervan has more legroom to offer. You won’t need to buy a second car for non-camping purposes.
Least Expensive


What it lacks in size compared with the other two classes, it makes up for in price. Class-B RVs are the least expensive, perfect for families starting out on owning and maintaining a motorhome. They’re also the most fuel-efficient, clocking in up to 25 mpg for both diesel and gas campers. They’re just as fuel efficient as today’s cars.
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