Prepping for a Journey along Old 66 in an RV

Route 66 has become the route of choice for many RV travelers since it’s opening in 1926, allowing for a straightforward route from Los Angeles to Chicago, a journey of almost 2,400 miles. If you’re planning to take this route in your RV this late summer, you must keep in mind a couple of things to make sure you’ll get to your destination safe.

Have a Full Tank
There are only a handful of gas stations along the original Route 66, and between towns and cities, there is nothing else but wide, open America. Good luck finding a working pit stop in the middle of nowhere. Remember that the best fuel savers available can run up to 12 mpg, so be prepared to refuel more often.
Check Tires
While well-paved roads can be found close to cities and towns, don’t expect the entire length of the road to be smooth. For instance, the Cajon Pass in California is widely considered as part of Old 66 but is all dirt and dust. This is why it pays to check your tires, including your spare and repair equipment, before moving out.


Blowouts are very common in summer due to heat; a blowout in the wilderness is the last thing you want to happen. If you’re buying a used RV from a dealer, check the quality of the tires. According to the Family Motor Coach Association, tires that sit around doing nothing actually age faster than those exposed to the open road.
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