Living Life on the Road: Why Purchase a Class-A Motorhome for Sale

Summer in America usually mean camping trips and outdoor vacations, but motorhomes are not just for vacations anymore. The economy is again smiling upon the RV industry as the Herald Online reported that quality motorhomes for sale on the market are up this summer:

Total motorhome sales are up 13 percent year-to-date through May, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc., a market analysis company specializing in the RV, marine and manufactured housing industries. Sales of Class A motorhomes – the largest and most luxurious on the road – are up 12 percent through May.

Motorhomes are usually used for summertime activities, but now, more and more people are switching to the RV lifestyle and living in their trusty motorhomes for good.

Last year, SF Gate reported a story of young professionals who chose the life on the road. According to the report, the dwellers find that living in motorhomes are more practical and liberating. However, personal lifestyle preference still triumphs over other considerations, especially when deciding if living in motorhomes is suitable. For people considering moving in a motorhome while still having most, if not all, the perks of an average house, Class-A motorhomes are their best bet.

Class-A Motorhomes

Class-A motorhomes are built on branded chassis like Ford, Spartan, and Freightliner. Note that the chassis is the base framework of a recreational vehicle. Class-A motorhomes are considered the most luxurious among recreational vehicles. The interior of this certain motorhome can give a home-like feeling with all the comforts and conveniences it can provide.

A class-A motorhome can be as long as 45 feet (about the size of a bus), with fixtures including a master suite, full bathroom, state-of-the-art technology like flat screen HDTVs, surround sound systems, and endless upgrades. This is best for people who spend majority of their time traveling. Class-A motorhomes allow for considerable convenience as everything is easily accessible.

Purchasing a class-A motorhome for sale must be done with careful planning and much thought. For instance, used class-As may give a buyer more problems if proper inspection and adequate research wasn’t done. Therefore, it also makes a world of difference and gives a buyer peace of mind to deal only with reliable and established dealers, such as Johnson RV.

(Source: Consumer Confidence Drives Booming Sales of Motorhomes Built on Ford Chassis and Vans, Herald Online, August 7, 2014)

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