How to Keep Your RV Feeling Like a Home

Your RV is much more than just a vehicle. It takes you on adventures either close to home or across the country and gives you a comfy place to stay no matter where you are. Since you’re already bringing the comforts of home with you as you travel, it only makes sense that you would want to make sure your motorhome feels as much like home as it can. Here are some tips for making your RV feel less like a vehicle and more like your home on the road.


When people buy a house, they rarely leave all the walls the same color as the previous owner. RV interiors are designed to look good, but they also need to appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers. Your style might be very different, and changing the color of your interior walls and cabinets makes a huge difference in how much your RV feels like your home. A word of warning, however, because if you have a newer RV, repainting the interior may void the factory warranty. Be sure to check with your policy information before you open that can of paint.

Wall Hangings

An interior change that will not affect warranty coverage is to put up hangings or other decorations on the walls. While you don’t want to go putting nails into your walls, you can use stick-on Velcro strips to attach pictures or other decorations that help bring a personal touch and stay firmly in place during travel. There also vinyl and stick-on wall decorations that let you quickly and easily change the look and feel of your RV. Having items on the walls makes a huge difference in how much your RV will feel like your own personalized living space.

Blankets and Pillows

Nothing makes a space feel like home like a cozy spot on the couch or your favorite chair where you can totally relax. Just like you probably have your favorite blankets and throw pillows to decorate and make your living room more comfortable at your house, you can bring the same to your RV. In addition to being comfortable, a few decorative throw pillows can make a huge visual impact in making the seating area in your RV feel like your seating area.

Mattress Upgrade

Getting a good night’s sleep makes a tremendous difference in how much you will enjoy time spent traveling or camped out in your RV. You probably chose your mattress at home because it best fits how you like to sleep, and you can do the same in your RV. Like the interior styling, the mattress that came with your RV is designed to feel good to a wide variety of people but might not be the best fit for you personally. Changing out the original mattress for something that meets your needs more specifically will really make it feel like you are spending the night at home, no matter where you happen to be.

Favorite Books/Movies

As much as we love RVs for helping us get out and enjoy the great outdoors, sometimes the weather keeps us inside. Rather than just staring forlornly out the window and hoping for the rain to stop, you can break out one of your favorite books or pop in a DVD so that you can still enjoy your time in the RV. With advances in technology, you may not even need to take up cabinet space with DVDs anymore to enjoy your old favorites. You can keep electronic copies or even stream Netflix if you have internet coverage where you are staying. These options can especially be a lifesaver if you have children with you that are less than ecstatic about having to stay inside.

These are just a few ideas to help you make your RV feel more like a home. Hopefully you can use a few to help make your future RV trips even more enjoyable.

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