Falling for a beautiful fall

If you’re looking for a gorgeous and breathtaking excursion to welcome the new fall season, we’ve got an amazing destination for you. Twin Falls in North Bend, Washington is the place we’re talking about.  Travel just about 35 miles west of Seattle to get to this beautiful waterfall that is fed by the South Fork Snoqualmie River. Yes you’ll have to make a bit of a hike in, but it will be worth every step, and it’s also a fairly easy hike. Even the younger children can take part in this nature experience.

At the beginning of the hike, kids will especially love the fallen trees that now serve as a home for new trees growing and there are even some boulders. And what kid doesn’t enjoy climbing on moss covered stumps only to jump off pretending to be their favorite superhero? Once you’ve made it through the forest, you’ll come to a set of wooden stairs.  Take the stairs down, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the magnificent view of the falls.

Take the stairs up, and you’ll come to a bridge where you can see the river water just before it cascades into the fall.  The best part about making this hike in autumn is that you’ll get to enjoy the changing of the leaves. It’s such an awe inspiring sight, and when you breathe in that crisp air, you’ll get the feeling that the holidays are just around the corner.

Now, if you’re going to hike to the falls you will need a park pass, but a day pass is only $5.00,  and you can rest assured that it is $5.oo well spent. The hike itself is 2.7 miles round trip. You can even take Fido along with you! As long as mans best friend is on a leash, you’re welcome to bring your dog along.

 If you’d like to read more about Twin Falls, may we suggest venturing over to ‘Around Puget Sound and Beyond’ – they have done a great job capturing their experience at the falls and they have some beautiful pictures as well.  Once you’re at the falls, don’t forget to take lots of pictures and be sure to share them with us. We love seeing your family RVing adventures! You can post pictures on our Facebook wall or Tweet us!

Happy Trails!

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