Class B Motorhomes: A Quick Overview

Class B motorhomes are at the lowest tier of the three major recreational vehicle (RV) classes. However, you might wonder why the letter B is at last place instead of C. We’ll discuss that bit here with a quick overview of what Class B motorhomes are:

Since they’re the smallest of the lot, Class B motorhomes look much like vans. Also known as van conversions or camper vans, Class B RVs are pretty much similar to their higher-tiered counterparts in terms of amenities; however, such amenities are on a relatively smaller scale. One perk though, is that their ceilings are high enough to allow passengers to stand inside.
Class B RVs are often regarded for their fuel efficiency, and they can even be used as full-time family vehicles because they’re small enough to fit in most parking lots and even garages. Also, their average size often means that the manufacturers have more room to specialize – meaning, specific amenities inside a Class B motorhome might be significantly better than those on the other classes to a certain extent.


A conventional Class B RV is enough to serve a family well on long trips with basic amenities such as a stove, sink, mini-fridge, bed, and toilet. Some even have collapsible tables at the front, and are sometimes equipped with slide outs to increase living space. They also come with tow hitches at times, making it possible to bring along a small boat or a small trailer.
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