Campgrounds Step It Up In Luxury

rv campground park trailer family vacation Listen up everybody… There’s a hot new trend in the world of camping comfort! If you don’t own an RV of your own yet, you may not even consider staying at a campground as an option for your family. After all, tent camping isn’t for everyone, particularly if you’re like some of us who grow more and more fond of being comfortable and a little bit spoiled the older we get. If you are longing for the simplistic outdoors/campground experience, but want the luxury and amenities of home, there is a solution for you.  According to the people over at, “Park trailers” are the hottest trend in campground comfort.  “Maxing out at 400 square feet, they’re built on chassis by RV companies and can be rolled into place. Once on site, they’re hooked up with electricity and real plumbing, which means no messy holding tanks, and outfitted with decks and wheel-hiding trim.  The result is still technically an RV, but one that’s designed to remain stationary. And while some do indeed, look like shrunken double wides, others take their design cues from log cabins, Cape Codders and other region-specific motifs. Either way, they’re a large step up from traditional campground cabins…”  They go on to report that these park trailers have become so popular all across the nation, that they are quickly becoming a favorite family getaway, taking the place of the big “annual family vacation”. This is due in part to the affordability in an economic time where the big trip is not always an option anymore.  If you hadn’t considered a campground as a potential getaway destination, then now may be the time to reconsider. With all of the activities and family friendly options that many campgrounds offer, along with the comfort of a park trailer, you could forego the big expensive resort vacation, and give your family a new kind of experience this year.

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