Camper Van Upfitting: Schedule Your Customization Today!

If you want a great way to customize your camper van, come to Johnson RV in Sandy, Oregon. We offer the industry-leading upfitting shop for camper vans, and we offer four great locations throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. We will help you upgrade your van to fit your exact needs and help you make the most of your time out at the campground.

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Upgrade the Rear Cargo Are

We offer tons of options for customizing your camper van and upgrading the equipment to improve the interior living for your camper. Some of our deals include customizations to Canyon Adventure Vans, which include revamping the rear cargo area and storage compartment. This service includes a daybed, a folding bed step, and protective water covers. Schedule this upfitting today.


  • GLSS+Day Bed
  • Ultra Lite
  • Folding Bed Step
  • Protective Water Cover
  • Luxe6 Luxury Mattress
Canyon adventure, vans, rear cargo area storage compartment upgrade

Add a Workstation to Your Camper Van

If you are looking for a great way to take your work on the road, you’ll want to schedule our rear, garage area, and storage workstation upgrade. This upfitting equips your motorhome with a GSS-R table and workstation in addition to a Luxe6 luxury mattress and more.


  • GSS-R Table/Workstation
  • Ultra Lite Bed Risers
  • Folding Bed Step
  • Microwave
  • Luxe6 Luxury Mattress
Workstation upgrade for camper van upfitting
The workstation makes it easy to take your adventures on the road.

Uplift Your Roof and Hauling

Additionally, we offer plenty of upgrades to increase your motorhome’s storage and carrying space. Like the Ladder + Tire Carrier for the Sprinter VS30 or the all-aluminum constructed expedition box, which gives you more storage space on the exterior of your van.

Additional Features:

  • The Owl Ladder
  • Tire Carrier for Sprinter
Ladder upgrade

No matter what type of upgrade you’re looking for for your camper van, we can help you get upfitted quickly and seamlessly. Book your upfitting appointment with Johnson RV today and create a custom camper van perfect for your adventures. Contact us for more information.

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