Balance Your Tires, or True Your Wheels?

Tire Wheel Balance True RV Have you had your RV tires balanced, only to find that you still aren’t getting a smooth ride? It turns out, balancing may not be the issue. It could be that you need to “true” your wheels.  An article published by explains that “Many times the cause is not that the tire(s) is out of balance but that it is out of round. When repeated attempts to balance fail, what the tire tech should be doing is checking run-out on the tire to see if it is oval shaped, and if it is, determine whether the lopsidedness can be corrected by rotating the tire 180 degrees on the wheel”. The author goes on to explain that both tires and wheels are often imperfect in shape, and how a high spot in the wheel and a high spot in the tire, if aligned in their mounting, can create a bump that will continue to cause a problem until you unmount the tire, and rotate it so that the high spots are 180 degrees from each other, minimizing the issue. To read the full article and learn how tires are trued using a shaving device, click here.



photo credit: Orlando Florin Rosu from

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