An Old West Ghost Town for your RV Adventure

So, you want to visit a ghost town. A real, bonafide cowboy-old west-ghost town. Well, my friends the place for you is Bannack State Park. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. There may be plenty of camping space available, but there’s a reason for that. Located in the southwestern part of Montana near the town of Dillon is where you’re going to find your ghost town. “Bannack was founded in 1862 when John White discovered gold on Grasshopper Creek.” Now, you can enjoy learning the history of the town and in October you can take part in the Ghost Walk. According to the Bannack State Park website, the walk consists of reenactments where you’ll meet the ghosts of Henry Plummer, Joe Pizanthus, Cyrus Skinner, Doctor Glick, Mattie Silks and many more rogues from Bannack’s colorful past, but who’s to say the real ghosts won’t make an appearance and how is one to tell if it’s an actor, or the real deal?? The ghost walks are limited to 100 people, so reservations are required. Bannack State Park has two campgrounds that are sure to accommodate your needs. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire-ring. But after a ghost walk, you’re gonna have to be pretty brave to camp out here! who knows what is going to going bump in the night! If tent camping isn’t your thing and you’ve traveled in your RV for a thrilling night of ghost walking and spooky nights, The Vigilante Campground is the larger of the two campgrounds and is more suitable for large RVs. Water is available. You’ll want to check the Bannack State Park Website for more details on camping, reservations, fees, and rules.
There are other activities to do at the park, such as gold panning, Saturdays in the park – varied events happen here such as stargazing, live music or even poetry readings. There’s also ice skating and the junior ranger program available for children ages 5 to 12. The trip is definitely worth the drive, not only for the history lessons and old time feel, but for the fun and memories you’ll create in this old west ghost town.
If you take any pictures, remember to share them with your friends at Johnson RV on our Facebook page, but if you get any pictures with strange orbs or ghostly apparitions, you can skip posting those. No need to spook the rest of us.  


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