A Chocolate Treat for Family RVing on the 4th of July


In just a few days all of America will be celebrating another birthday of this great country of ours. The 4th of July brings to mind so many nostalgic images. In no specific order:

fireworks, anthems, hot dogs, kids running through sprinklers, neighborhood cookouts, sparklers, watermelon, and of course the wonderful desserts neighbors bring to the RV and neighborhood cookouts. These delectable treats are what everyone is oohing and ahhing over, and just can’t wait to try. They usually consist of some fancy looking dish that appears to have taken the baker all day to make and when it’s finally time to try the tasty treats, it’s a mad dash to the dessert table. If you’re headed to one of these such functions at an RV park or in your neighborhood, this year you’re going to be the dessert hero.

We’ve got a recipe for you that is going to leave everyone speechless and wanting more. And if that isn’t great enough, this recipe couldn’t be any easier! You’ll be done in a jiffy, leaving you time to relax before heading out to celebrate. This year you’re going to bring CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS! Ooooh Yeah! You can already taste them can’t you? The melty warm chocolate wrapped in the delicate flaky layers of the croissant role. Yes, this year you will be the hero of the dessert table. Unless you eat them all before you get there. If that happens, we suggest you just stay home and fabricate some sort of illness such as Chocolatecroissantoverdose. Just say it really fast and hopefully you won’t be questioned.

Now, a better suggestion would be to just make extra and avoid all fabrications. We like to call this eating your chocolate croissants and being the dessert hero too.

Enough playing – onto the baking! Here is what you will need:

1 Package of Crescent Rolls

1 Cup of Chocolate Chips ( Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate)

1 Egg

Vanilla Extract

Here’s what you do:

Preheat Oven To 425 and beat the egg in a small dish.

Unroll Crescent Rolls – with the larger section facing you. Place about 25 chocolate chips on the rolls. Brush a small amount of vanilla over the chocolate chips.

Roll the dough into croissant shape.

Brush egg on the croissant (Please note you will only be using a small portion of the egg).

Place croissants onto a cookie tray.

Place tray into the oven and cook until golden brown about 15 – 20 minutes.

Melt the rest of the chocolate chips in the microwave.

Heat the chips for only 30 seconds at a time so you will not burn the chocolate.

Drizzle melted over cooked croissants.


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