6 Must-Have Cooking Gadgets for Your Motorhome

One of the benefits of traveling by RV is that you get to bring your kitchen with you wherever you go.  The other side of that coin is that you have to be more creative about how you use your kitchen space, because you probably won’t have as much as you do at home.  There’s no reason to sacrifice on the quality of your cooking and eating experience while traveling in your motorhome, however, there are many items out there that can help you keep eating great without being tethered at home.

Here are the 6 kitchen gadgets that you need for your future RV adventures:

  1. Aeropress Coffee Maker

            The Aeropress is a popular machine for making coffee and espresso quickly and easily.  It only has a few parts to clean and doesn’t use electricity, and it’s widely praised for the quality of coffee you can make with it. The morning cup of coffee is an absolute essential for many, so this is a great way to make sure you can start the day off right no matter where you wake up.

  1. Instant Pot

            One of the most amazing kitchen gadgets of the past few years, the Instant Pot has become a sensation among cooks of all stripes for its versatility. You can speed up your cooking with the pressure setting, or slow things down by using it in place of a conventional crock pot.  The Instant Pot has a saute setting so that you can pre-cook parts of your meal before going into slow cook mode so that you don’t have to use additional cookware. It even automatically keeps your food warm once the cooking cycle is done so that it’s ready to serve at your leisure.  For those who prefer staying off the grid, it’s also great because it uses a fraction of the electricity of traditional cooktops.

  1. Magnetic Knife Holder

            Any cook will tell you the importance of good kitchen knives. Having the right knife with a perfectly sharp edge makes a world of difference in the effort you have to put into food preparation. The trouble with having kitchen knives and keeping them in great condition is storing them during travel. You don’t want to have them sliding around in a drawer and scraping against each other while you’re driving down the road, but you’re also limited in how much cabinet space that you can give to individual knives.  These magnetic holders solve both sides of this problem by keeping your knives secure and freeing up precious cupboard space.

  1. Magnetic Spice Containers

            Another great use of magnets to create more usable storage space is magnetic tins for spices and other small items. These containers not only save room in your cabinets by sticking to the outside of your cupboards (or even on the insides of doors), but they make it easier to see what you have inside each with their clear lids. You won’t be able to enjoy your next trip as much if you had to leave your favorite seasonings behind.

  1. Water Filter

            While there are definite benefits to spending more time outdoors in your RV, there are some aspects where “roughing it” is not the best option. One of these is knowing that your water is always clean. There are many options for water filtration in your motorhome, including several that you can install under your sink so that all your water is filtered right before you use it, regardless of whether you’re hooked up or pulling from your tank.  It’s an easy way to have peace of mind regardless of what water source you are using.

  1. Collapsible Accessories

            One thing you quickly get good at when traveling in your RV is maximizing your use of space. You won’t be able to have unlimited storage space to bring every kitchen item with you so you have to get a little creative if you don’t want to leave too many items behind on your next trip. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find collapsible versions of popular kitchen items that will save space when you are not using them. From food storage containers, to colanders, to cooking pots, and even a tea kettle, there are many options for more space friendly versions of kitchen must-haves. With collapsible items, you can have a well-stocked kitchen without the overflowing cabinets.

We hope these items help you make the most of your future motorhome trips, because nobody said you can’t have a great home-cooked meal from wherever your home happens to be that day.

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