Please read before reserving your RV, details as of 04/20/2017 are subject to change

  • What are some of the additional items I can include in my rental?
    Please see our Add-ons page for additional options available.
  • Can I pre-purchase miles?
    We do not offer a pre-paid mileage option. Before you depart, a reading will be taken from the odometer and again when you return so we can then calculate the exact mileage that you traveled. Your free miles will be deducted from that total before calculating mileage fees, if any.
  • What are the fees if the motorhome is returned without a full gas tank?
    Please fill up the gas tank before returning the RV, or an $8-per-gallon fee will be charged if we have to do it. There is a gas station down the road from us called Shorty’s Corner.
  • Is there a charge for an additional driver?
    We do not charge for additional drivers; however, all planned drivers must be at least 25 years old, be listed on the rental agreement, and have a valid driver’s license and a current insurance card.
  • Is there insurance coverage available with a motorhome rental?
    Insurance is offered thru the reservation website, which covers in excess of minimum automobile coverage against third-party drivers, as required by law. A $1,500 security deposit is collected 14 days prior to pick-up in the event of vehicle loss or damage, provided you abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement, report promptly in case of accident or vehicle damage, and avoid prohibited vehicle use. Insurance is automatically charged on your reservation but if you are able to provide a binder thru your carrier, please request our binder form, then we will credit the charge when the binder is received from your agent.
  • What is included in my rental fee?
    Your rental fee includes free propane, water/sewer hose, free toilet paper and sewage-treatment chemicals, and free 24/7 technical and roadside assistance.
  • How much does a rental cost?
    The cost is based on the specific unit rented, as well as the time of year. During the peak rental season, March 01 to September 30, rates will be higher than during the off-peak months from October 1 to March 1. Seasons subject to change. Please visit our Rental Reservation page to calculate the cost of your planned trip.
  • How do I pay for the rental?
    JRV accepts only Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover as payment.
  • Does JRV offer specials during the year?
    We recommend that you check back often to see what specials we might be offering from time to time. Contact rentals@johnsonrv.com or call 503-783-7213 as well.
  • What is the cost of mileage?
    Upon return, we calculate the exact mileage that you traveled, and your free miles will be deducted from that total before calculating mileage fees, if any.
    Included in all motorhome rentals are 100 free miles per night. Any mileage over the free-mileage limit will be subject to a charge of $0.39 per mile up to 200 miles then $0.59 per mile thereafter.
  • Is there a charge for the generator?
    Yes, it is $3.00 per hour and due upon your return.
  • What deposits are required?
    Upon confirmation, we will charge your credit card 50% of your reservation amount that is non-refundable. This down payment reserves the rental for you so no one else can rent the unit. The remaining balance and the security deposit are charged automatically 14 days before your pick-up date. The reservation balance is non-refundable though if a date change is needed we will try to accommodate if unit is available. The security deposit will be refunded within 7 days if no damage found or if returned in the same condition as rented (unless cleaning/ dumping/pet package pre-purchased). Please ask if need clarification.
  • What is considered a rental day?
    A rental day is based on the number of nights a vehicle is used. Each night constitutes a rental day; for example, if a rental were picked up on Monday at 11 a.m. and then returned on Tuesday at or prior to 11 a.m., that would be considered one rental day.
  • Are there any charges I will incur besides the rental cost?
    Additional charges may occur if you exceed your free mileage, fail to clean the inside of the unit before returning it, have damages or loss of equipment, fail to empty the holding tanks, generator use, have pets that were not disclosed and other circumstances (please inquire if you have questions on possible charges) . Alternatively, you can pre-purchase the Easy Way or Gold Star Package for a worry-free trip (please see our Add-ons page for details).
  • What if I return the vehicle before the date it is due?
    No refunds will be given for early returns or late pick-ups of rentals. We suggest that you use the extra time to unpack, clean the interior of the unit, and dump the holding tanks to avoid additional charges unless, of course, you have pre-purchased an Easy Way or Gold Star package so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • What if I return the vehicle late?
    The vehicle is overdue after 11 a.m. on the date of return. A fee of $50 per hour will be charged for each hour you are late. If you will be returning late, please notify the rental center as soon as possible by email or calling 503-783-7213.
  • Can I change a reservation?
    Depending on availability, one change per reservation can be made at no cost if made 14 days prior to original pick-up date.
  • What if I have to cancel my reservation?
    If the cancelation request is made less than 14 days before departure, you will forfeit your entire cost of rental (reservation fee plus remaining balance of rental); there are no exceptions. The initial 50% deposit is non-refundable. You may be able to change to new dates depending on availability (please inquire).
  • Are pets allowed in the motorhomes?
    JRV does provide a limited number of pet-friendly motorhomes for rent. There is at least one pet-friendly unit for every model size, and they have an additional charge of $30 per night. Customers agree to clean up after their pets and return the units in the same condition as when they left; those who fail to do so will subject to a cleaning fee of up to $250. To waive these pet-related fees, you can pre-purchase the Gold Star package (please see our Add-ons page for details).
  • How clean does the motorhome need to be when returned?
    The motorhome should be as clean as it was when you picked it up. We charge a $250 cleaning fee if the motorhome is returned dirty and was not pre-paid for. We also charge $75 if the holding tanks are not emptied before return. The exterior of the motorhome need not be cleaned unless it is extremely dirty. Pre-purchase the cleaning and dump for only $225 (please see our Add-ons page for details).
  • What is the best way to contact JRV for questions?
    If you have further questions, please contact us by email at rentals@johnsonrv.com or call 1-503-783-7213.
  • What are your office hours?
    Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; it is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and all major holidays. Reservations can be made online. Sorry, but we do not provide same-day rentals at this time. Pick-ups/drop-offs on weekends may be possible (please inquire).
  • Whom do I contact if I’ve lost personal items after returning a rental?
    After a rental is returned, we will contact the renter within 1 business day should our cleaning crew find any personal item(s) inside the RV. If you find that an item is missing and we have not contacted you already, then please don’t hesitate to call our office that we may double check for you. If JRV finds a personal item, that item will be held in our Lost & Found area until you make arrangements to retrieve it. If the customer doesn’t make arrangements to pick up the item or ship it (at owner’s expense), then JRV, at our sole discretion, will donate the item(s) to charity after 10 days, if applicable.
  • Why rent an RV?
    Traveling in an RV allows you the freedom to stop anywhere along the way and see the sights, since you alone are in control of the schedule. It’s like camping, but with all the conveniences of home at your disposal no need for suitcases or all that heavy camping gear. Another advantage is being able to prepare your own meals, saving you time and money.
  • Why rent from JRV?
    JRV rents a variety of newer, non-smoking, fully contained RVs at competitive rates. We will go over all the possible fees up front so there will never be any surprise fees. We have been in business for ______ years and are a family-owned dealership. Check us out online to see how we have empowered others to take that dream vacation!
  • Are motorhomes hard to drive?
    The motorhomes have a similar feel to a normal truck. The main difference is the size, as motorhomes are 8 ½ feet wide, which is much wider than a truck, and can be as high as 12 feet. JRV will provide an orientation to familiarize you with the RV (approximately 30-45 minutes long) prior to your leaving with the vehicle. This walkthrough is required to acquaint the renter with the specific RV model not for training for first time users.
  • What kinds of motorhomes do you rent?
    We rent only current-year models of Class C motorhomes.
  • Where can I rent a motorhome?
    Our only rental location is based in Sandy, Oregon. All rentals must be picked up and dropped off at this location. Our physical address is 41777 Southeast Highway 26, Sandy, Oregon, 97055. Please inquire about PDX pick-up accommodations.
  • Can we travel one way to our destination, or do we have to travel round trip?
    All rentals must be picked up from and returned to the same location. Sorry, we do not offer one-way trips at this time.
  • Do I need a special driver’s license to drive a motorhome?
    No special driver’s license is necessary. However, all drivers need to be at least 25 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and be able to provide proof of current automobile insurance. No special endorsement is needed, but temporary licenses and permits are not accepted. If you’re visiting from a foreign country, you must present a current license and/or passport.
  • When can I pick up or return the motorhome?
    Vehicle departure times during peak season are scheduled between 2 and 4 p.m.; departure times during off-peak season may be arranged before 2 p.m., but they are subject to availability and must be confirmed with a rental agent. Vehicle return time is between 8 and 11 a.m. on the day of return. Any returns that arrive after 11 a.m. will be subject to a late-return fee of $50 per hour. Please contact the rental office up to one week prior to your departure date to arrange a pick-up time. You can also schedule your departure time via email at rentals@johnsonrv.com.
  • Do you have car seats and cribs available?
    NO, we do not have these items for rent. Please plan on bringing your own car seats and/or cribs.
  • What happens if the vehicle I reserved is unavailable?
    JRV will make every effort to provide the rental customer with the model requested. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as damage by a previous renter, we reserve the right to substitute the rental for a similar or larger model. Should a smaller model be offered and accepted, pricing will be adjusted to the lower rate prior to collection of the balance due. If the rental balance is paid prior to the departure date, a refund will be issued for the difference.
  • Is the customer responsible for any maintenance of the motorhome?
    We recommend that customers check engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling while on long-distance trips, as well as report any mechanical failures immediately. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.
  • What type of RV should I rent?
    The type of motorhome to rent is usually dependent on the number of people the unit will need to sleep or transport. Class C motorhomes will typically sleep 4 to 8 people: 2 over the cab, 2 in the back bedroom, 2 on the dinette, and 2 on a fold-down couch.
  • Do we need full hookups?
    Full hookups are not necessary, as all of the motorhomes are fully self-contained. You may want to have electricity at your campsite, though, as most parks limit the use of a generator to certain hours of the day. Sewer hookups are nice but not necessary; however, please monitor your holding tanks to ensure they don’t overflow between dumps.
  • What is gas mileage like for motorhomes?
    Mileage is dependent on a number of factors: driving conditions (e.g. windy or rainy), type of road (e.g. interstates or rural routes), terrain (e.g. mountains or plains), total vehicle weight (i.e., the number of passengers and personal items), and type of motorhome. As a general rule, we tell people that Class C units go about 10 miles per gallon on the freeway and 8 miles per gallon in the mountains. A Class C unit has a 55-gallon gas tank, so your mileage range will be around 450 to 500 miles.
  • What are the seatbelt requirements?
    By law, you must have one seatbelt for each occupant. If you are in one of the front seats, then you must wear a seatbelt at all times. If you weigh more than 60 pounds and are in the rear of the motorhome, then you are not required to wear a seatbelt. Please note that car seats usually need to be secured with two seatbelts; we recommend using the dinette area for them. Please do not allow children, for their safety, to ride in the “cab-over” area while the motorhome is in motion.
  • Do your units come stocked with anything?
    YES, we provide toilet paper and sewage-treatment chemicals, water hose, sewer hose and park adapter. However, our rentals are not equipped with extra accessories like bedding, cookware, or dishes, please see our Add-ons page for details on items we have for rent.
  • What about bike racks?
    We do rent bike racks that carry up to 4 bikes. The bike rack will mount onto the RV hitch, or receiver, in the back of the motorhome. You are more than welcome to use your own bike rack; however, we will lock the bike rack into the hitch before departure, so be sure to bring it with you. We are not responsible for your personal bike rack, if used.
  • Can I park my vehicle at your location while I’m on my trip?
    YES, we provide parking for customers during trips, but please do not leave valuables in your vehicle. JRV is not responsible for vehicle damage or stolen property.
  • Does the rental come with a TV?
    YES, depending on the type, motorhomes are equipped with at least one LCD TV. We do not pay for a satellite subscription, but you can get local television stations through the antenna or a campsite’s cable TV hookup, if offered. (What about DVDs?)
  • Are there awnings on the rental?
    YES, each motorhome comes equipped with at least one electric awning.
  • Is there a limit to how many people can ride in a motorhome?
    YES, there is a maximum-capacity limit for each vehicle. Please refer to the Vehicle Specifications for the number of seatbelts in each unit and follow the guidelines below.
    • Never exceed the maximum capacity as posted in the actual vehicle you will be using. Maximum capacity includes the vehicle, all fluids, and all occupants, including their gear.
    • All passengers should use seatbelts during travel. The total number of seatbelts will vary according to the vehicle and the floor plan of the actual vehicle you are using.
    • Child-safety seats should be used where applicable.
    • Overhead areas should not be occupied while the vehicle is in motion.
    • The vehicle should be properly secured prior to travel. This includes locking the doors. Stow the entry step and secure the outside compartments.
  • Can we leave our luggage at the rental location?
    This is usually not a problem, but please contact our rental office to confirm there is space available prior to arrival. JRV is not responsible for anything you leave at the rental office during your trip.
  • Can I tow my car or boat behind the motorhome?
    We do not allow towing behind our rental vehicles.
  • Is it safe to drink the water from the motorhome tank?
    We do not recommend drinking the water in the motorhome tank, as it is difficult to know whether the tank was completely filled with potable water. We recommend that you use bottled water for drinking and cooking, but the water from the tank should be fine for washing dishes and bathing.
  • What if the motorhome breaks down?
    JRV provides its customers with an emergency-contact phone number that can be called 24/7 for technical and roadside assistance.
  • Is the ladder so we can get on the roof?
    NO, the ladders on the RVs are for maintenance purposes only. Please do not get on the roof for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the unit.
  • Can you pick me up/drop me off at the airport?
    If you need airport pick-up, please make arrangements at least 1 week in advance of your reservation date. We are approximately 30 miles from the airport, so local taxis at the airport are also viable options, or you can catch an Uber ride for about $40 each way.
  • Can I store items on the outside of the motorhome?
    Personal items may be stored in the exterior compartments. JRV does not permit personal items to be attached to the ladder or secured on the roof, as this may cause damage to the unit, for which the renter will be liable.
  • Can I use a rental motorhome to move someone too ill to fly or drive in a car?
    Our rental vehicles are not to be used for ambulatory purposes. By law, all passengers must be able to ride in a seat with a seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Are the systems on a motorhome capable of supporting medical equipment?
    NO, they are not. We apologize, but our motorhomes are not to be used for carrying people whose physical welfare depends on the motorhome’s systems.
  • Are there facilities close to the rental center, where we can dispose of holding-tank contents?
    There are no dumping stations near our rental facility, so we suggest either emptying the holding tanks before leaving the campground or having JRV empty the holding tanks for a fee. Pre-paid dump fee is $50 otherwise it will be $75 on your return.
  • Are we allowed to travel into Canada?
    YES, U.S.-registered RVs may enter Canada and return to the U.S. without problems. Since we need to prepare additional insurance paperwork in advance, be sure to let us know at the time you schedule your pick-up time. Also, please make sure that all passengers carry a current passport to enter Canada and return to the U.S.
  • Are we allowed to travel to Alaska or Mexico?
    NO, we do not permit our rentals to travel to Alaska or Mexico.
  • Is it possible to travel during winter in colder areas?
    YES, travel is possible; however, we advise you to do so with extreme caution. Chains are not permitted on the motorhome at any time. During heavy snowstorms, we advise you to pull a safe distance off to the side of the road until driving conditions are safe again. Also, exercise extreme care while traveling in a de-winterized motorhome during frigid weather, since this could cause damage to the water systems. You will need to run the heater to protect the tanks and water lines from freezing if the outside temperature drops below freezing. If the plumbing system is damaged from freezing, it is considered negligent damage, and you will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs.
  • Are there any places we cannot take the motorhome?
    YES, all rental units are not to be taken to the Black Rock Desert (Burning Man), Pyramid Lake, Alaska, or Mexico. Travel is prohibited on all non-public roads, unpaved back roads, trails and the like commonly called logging roads or on any surface subjecting the vehicle to unreasonable damage or road hazards.
    Due to restrictions on vehicle heights, propane gas, and parking, vehicles with propane are not permitted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel through any underground or underwater tunnels. Coverage is made invalid if problems occur in the preceding areas, and all recovery expenses are at the renter’s own cost. Violations of these restrictions void damage waivers, and the renter will be held liable for all vehicle damages, including tires, towing charges, and other related expenses resulting from a breakdown associated with operating in these areas.
    Vehicles must be operated with extreme caution in Death Valley and other desert areas during summer months. In summer, renters visit these areas at their own risk, and JRV will not be held responsible for unexpected vehicle recovery and other charges. During certain periods, desert areas are uninhabitable and could pose a danger to the driver and passengers as well as the vehicle.
  • How much does it cost to stay in campgrounds?
    Campground rates vary depending on their location, facilities offered, and time of year. Most campgrounds also require reservations in peak season.
  • What kinds of facilities might a campground offer?
    Amenities very among campgrounds, but some of the more common ones are an electricity hookup, a water hookup, a sewer hookup or dump station, a shower/bathroom, a clubhouse, a laundry room, a pool, a playground, a fire pit, a picnic table, and an onsite convenience store.